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Madalan in Go! Godman
Alternate names Madaran
Species Kappa
Forms Human size, Giant size
Allies None
Enemies Godman
First appearance Go! Godman Episode 7: Godman vs. Madalan
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Madalan (マダラン,   Madaran) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 7 of Go! Godman, Godman vs. Madalan.


Madalan looks like a cross between Tsunokeler and Hundler. He has brown skin and he his covered in a brown fur. He has a reptilian face with a bird-like beak, and a dish on top of his head, thus making him resemble the general appearance of a Kappa. His eyes are human-like. He has 4 fingers on each hand.


Go! Godman

Madalan appears in the seventh episode of Go! Godman, and was the eighth monster to fight Godman. He appears suddenly following an explosion, prompting several children to call for Godman's arrival. The two engage in a long, drawn out battle, where Madalan is able to hold his own in melee combat against the titular hero, however he ultimately met his demise when Godman kicked the beast to the ground, and used his God-Spark ability to kill him.


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