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Kamagidon in Megaloman
Subtitle(s) Bi-Sickle Beast (双鎌獣,   Sō Kama-jū)
Controlled by Captain Dagger
Enemies Megaloman
First appearance Megaloman episode 1:
"Burn Up! Flaming Superman"
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Kamagidon (カマギドン,   Kamagidon) is a sickle kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 1 of the 1979 tokusatsu kaiju , Megaloman titled "Burn Up! Flaming Superman."


Kamagidon's upper half somewhat resembles an insect or arachnid. Its head is adorned with multiple jagged spines, short mandibles, and a single blue eye. Instead of hands, Kamagidon possesses large electrically conductive sickles at the ends of its appendages. Also, rather than legs, Kamagidon's upper half is attached to what resembles a Stegosaurus but with a larger, horned head similar to that of a Triceratops.



"Burn Up! Flaming Superman"

After Takeshi Shishido and his mother Rosemary fled to Earth from the planet Rosetta, Captain Dagger deployed Kamagidon to attack Tokyo in order to draw Megaloman out. Takeshi transformed into Megaloman for the first time and fought Kamagidon, eventually coming out victorious despite multiple close calls.



Kamagidon has scythes instead of forearms. The scythes can also fire missiles when clapped together. When electricity is absorbed by them, the scythes can be electrically charged. This also causes explosions on contact.

Physical abilities

The lower section of Kamagidon has more strength than its upper half.


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