Parabolan I / Parabolan II

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Parabolan I / Parabolan II
Parabolan I in Megaloman
Parabolan II in Megaloman
Subtitle(s) Freezing Monster
(冷凍怪獣,   Reitō Kaijū)
Controlled by Captain Dagger
Enemies Megaloman
First appearance Megaloman episode 16:
"Golden Mask! Appear on the Earth"
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Parabolan I (パラボランI,   Paraboran Wan) and Parabolan II (パラボランII,   Paraboran Tsū) are kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episodes 16 and 17 of the 1979 tokusatsu kaiju series, Megaloman, titled "Golden Mask! Appear on the Earth" and "Where is the Secret Monster Base!?," respectively.



"Golden Mask! Appear on the Earth"

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"Where is the Secret Monster Base!?"

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Freezing beam

The first Parabolan can fire a beam that freezes targets.

Energy blasts

The first Parabolan can fire energy blasts resembling his freeze beam. However, if they were related to the freeze beam or not is unknown as they didn't hit anything.

Fire breath

Parabolan can shoot flames from his mouth.

Energy waves

Parabolan can fire energy waves from the orbs on the side of his head.


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  • Parabolan I is the first kaiju to resurface after his initial defeat at the hands of Megaloman.


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