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Megaloman in Megaloman
Alternate names Megaroman[1]
Subtitle(s) Flaming Superman
(炎の超人,   Honō no Chōjin)
Species Rosettian
Height 150 meters[2]
Weight 8,800 metric tons
Forms Takashi Shishido, Megaloman
Relations Go Shishido (Father), Rosemary (Mother),
Hiroshi Shishido (Brother)
Allies Rosemary
Enemies All Megaloman kaiju
First appearance Megaloman

Megaloman (メガロマン,   Megaroman), real name Takashi Shishido (獅子堂 たかし,   Shishidō Takashi), is a kaijin created by Toho that first appeared in the 1979 tokusatsu kaiju series, Megaloman.


Megaloman looks like a cross between Ultraman and Godman. He wears a full red suit that has silver areas around his pectorals, abs, and lower body. On his legs, his red suit fades into silver and ends at his silver boots. There are also silver markings on his lower arms. His skin is the same silver color as on his suit, with red stripes going down his face. His eyes have no pupils or irises and are just completely yellow. Finally, at the top of his head, he has long bleach-blonde hair that flows down his back.



The first Megaloman was the king of the planet Rosetta, Go Shishido, and defended it until one tragic day. The Black Star Army invaded Rosetta and the king's wife Rosemary and their son Takashi fled to Earth. The Black Star Army sent a strong monster named Kamagidon to attack Earth, and Takashi was the earth's only hope. Rosemary gave Takashi his father's bracelets which allow him to transform into Megaloman. Takashi defeated Kamagidon and from that day forth was known as the new Megaloman.



  • Takashi Shishido uses the Megalon Bracelets (メガロン・ブレスレット) to summon an energy suit to his body by shouting "Energy Up!" (エナジー・アップ)
    • Once in this state, Takashi can further transform into the giant hero Megaloman.

Physical Abilities

Martial arts

Takashi was trained in martial arts by his mother, and incorporates this into his kaiju battles as Megaloman.

Cyclone Kick

Megaloman can perform a roundhouse kick move called the Cyclone Kick (サイクロン・キック).

Tiger Crush

Megaloman can perform a martial arts technique dubbed the Tiger Crush (タイガー・クラッシュ).



Takashi's energy suit enables flight.


Megalon Blades

Megaloman wields twin sai blades named the Megalon Blades (メガロン・ブレード).

Megalon Blader

Megaloman wields a long sword-like weapon named the Megalon Blader (メガロン・ブレーダー).

Laser Missiles

Megaloman has a number of missiles, called Laser Missiles (レーザー・ミサイル), held in compartments on his chest, however ultimately go unused in the series.

Flame Attacks

Megalon Aura

Megaloman is able to store energy in his hair during his finishing move, named Megalon Aura (メガロン・オーラ).

Megalon Fire

This energy aura can be released as flame, rendering Megaloman's long hair a weapon, and thus performing his finishing move: Megalon Fire (メガロン・ファイヤー).

Defensive Capabilities

Monster detection

Megaloman's Megalon Bracelets are able to detect the traces of energy used by the Black Star Army, and therefore function as monster detectors.


  • Megaloman is Toho's tallest tokusatsu hero to date, dwarfing Greenman and being more than twice as tall as Zone Fighter.[2]
    • Megaloman is also Toho's lightest giant hero, weighing a mere 8,800 metric tons despite his colossal 150 meter stature.
  • In 1979, on the Hiroshi Ogawa Show, Megaloman teamed up with fellow Tokusatsu legend, Ultraman.


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