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Vaguuma in Megaloman
Subtitle(s) Bloodsucking Monster
(吸血怪獣,   Kyūketsu Kaijū)
Controlled by Captain Dagger
Enemies Megaloman
First appearance Megaloman episode 24:
"Dagger is Alive"
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Vaguuma (バギューマ,   Bagyūma) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 24 of the 1979 tokusatsu kaiju series, Megaloman, titled "Dagger is Alive."


Vaguuma's Japanese name is derived from 'vacuum,' which is spelled in katakana as バキューム (bakyūmu).


Suction Arms

As a mutated giant, Vaguuma attempts to drain Megaloman of her power through her long tube-like suction arms; an offshoot of her original bloodsucking vampire skills.



"Dagger is Alive"

Vaguuma was a vampire-like agent in service of Captain Dagger who used a pair of specialized sunglasses to keep her murderous bloodlust in check as well as to protect herself when operating in broad daylight. Vaguuma was later defeated by Takashi Shishido and his teammates and, as punishment for her failure, Captain Dagger and Barock forcefully mutated her into a giant mindless monster. Takashi Shishido transforms into Megaloman to battle Vaguuma, ultimately destroying the villainess.


  • Vaguuma shares similar names and abilities with the Pachimon character Vacuuma, both being fanged monsters possessing tube-shaped arms for suction though the latter uses them for the literal vacuuming of defenseless victims.


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