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Image gallery for Bulguerrilla

Bulguerrilla in Go! Greenman
Alternate names Burugerira
Species Unknown CreatureA!H Ferrokinetic Minion of Maoh MutationG!G
Forms Human size, Giant sizeG!G
Controlled by King FlasherA!H, TonchikiG!G
Relations King Flasher (Creator)A!H, Tonchiki (Creator)G!G
Allies King Flasher, Flashers, Tonchiki, Maoh
Enemies Human No. 1, Greenman
First appearance Assault! Human!! Episode 7: The Blast Kaijin Megahertz Television Station!!
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Bulguerrilla (ブルゲリラ,   Burugerira) is a whip kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 7 of the 1972 tokusatsu kaiju series, Assault! Human!! titled The Blast Kaijin Megahertz Television Station!!.


Bulguerrilla is a humanoid monster that looks vaguely deformed. He has patches covered in wavy lines, and his eyes seem to be sunken into his head. Bulguerrilla has two powerful whip-like appendages which he uses to slap opponents with. In Assault! Human!!, Bulguerrilla has a golden sword which he carries in his left appendage.


Assault! Human!!

The Blast Kaijin Megahertz Television Station!!

Bulguerrilla was created and deployed by King Flasher. But, he was ultimately defeated by Junichiro Iwaki.

Go! Greenman

Greenman vs. Bulguerrilla

Bulguerrilla also appeared in episode 17 of Go! Greenman, but he was created by Tonchiki. Him and his creator went to seek out the children for Maoh, and the Green Calls were used. Greenman then showed up, and they battled. After their short battle in human size, the two grew and battled once more. Eventually, Greenman came out victorious.



In Assault! Human!!, Bulguerrilla has a golden sword.


In Assault! Human!!, Bulguerrilla has a long orange whip. However, in Go! Greenman, he is given a second whip instead of the sword.


In Go! Greenman Blue Guerilla possesses ferrokinesis, meaning he can manipulate metal.



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