Greenman vs. Gowarackdon

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Go! Greenman Episodes
Greenman vs. Ibokiller
Greenman vs. Gowarackdon
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Greenman vs. Gowarackdon
Greenman vs. Gowarackdon
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 23

Greenman vs. Gowarackdon (グリーンマン対ゴワラックドン,   Gurīnman tai Gowarakkudon) is the twenty-third episode of Go! Greenman.


In a fit of rage, Maoh begins to angrily yell, furious at the robot Greenman for constantly thwarting his efforts to be freed of the Underground Cave. But, a typically calm Tonchiki tries to reassure his master with yet another kaiju, this time a long-necked dinosaurian creature. Maoh approves of this creation, and it is sent to a street corner whilst in its base form. As children run past the corner, the Minion grabs them one at a time, until the remaining kids notice him. Two girls activate their Green Calls, and Greenman appears in front of the Minion who was running away. He lets go of the children, and transforms into Tonchiki's monster of the day: Gowarackdon! Greenman is quick to approach Gowarackdon, and the two commence battle. Only a few punches and kicks are enough to greatly damage Gowarackdon, and he unexpectedly grows to massive proportions. Seemingly unfazed by the size change, Greenman calls upon his electronics, and he too is scaled up. Clashing in a rocky area, the two titans continue to throw each other around. But once more, Gowarackdon is quickly required to do something drastic, this time teleporting behind Greenman and tackling him to the ground. Once Greenman is on his feet again, he attempts to throw Gowarackdon but he teleports once more before he can hit the ground. Greenman then begins throwing Ear Boomerangs around him to calculate Gowarackdon's location. Only two boomerangs are needed before one collides with an invisible Gowarackdon, causing him to plummet to the ground. Greenman easily knocks Gowarackdon to the ground multiple times, finally killing him. But, Maoh doesn't feel he should be pushed off to the side just yet, and revives Gowarackdon with a spell. Once living again, he expels a red gas from his mouth which creates a ring of fire around Greenman. As the flames began to swallow Greenman and his electronics started to char, the spectating children use their Green Calls to boost Greenman's energy. He uses the Fire Fighting ability which causes the fire to dissipate. He confidently jumps to Gowarackdon and continues beating on him until finally putting him out of his misery with the Breaster missile finisher.



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