Greenman vs. Spider

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Go! Greenman Episodes
Greenman vs. Alien Dorok
Greenman vs. Spider
Greenman vs. Foxaus
Greenman vs. Spider
Greenman vs. Spider
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 19

Greenman vs. Spider (グリーンマン対スパイダー,   Gurīnman tai Supaidā) is the nineteenth episode of Go! Greenman.


After a quick discussion with Maoh about failure, Tonchiki plants his newest kaiju into a small insect. Two adventurous children soon come by with a net and try to catch the creature, but it immediately bursts into sparks, revealing the monster: Spider. The children, lying on the ground due to the explosion's force, are trapped in a webbed net. One of them manages to pull out his Green Call and signals Greenman, whom responds. The hero lands in a nearby field and sprints to Spider, who is still dwelling near the captive children. However, a kick to the face is enough to make him move, giving Greenman the time to free the kids. Once they safely escape, and Tonchiki gets a quick beat-down, Greenman engages Spider in combat. Multiple spontaneous flips and light punches later, Spider disappears without a trace. Tonchiki, realizing there is nobody left to beat on but him, begins to run for his life as Greenman chases. He does manage to duck cover behind Spider who randomly reappears though, and orders him to web Greenman; to which he complies. A large, fully woven web drops over Greenman, trapping him and leaving him vulnerable to more of Spider's punches. Greenman reluctantly fights back, but it is useless. Just then does he realize to grow and break the net with his giant stature. Tonchiki also orders Spider to grow, and unsurprisingly they continue fighting. More webbing is also attempted among many other melee attacks, but it is successful only in catching Tonchiki. Greenman easily gains the upper hand, and is quick to destroy the pesky Spider with Breaster missiles.



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