Greenman vs. Kappalge

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Greenman vs. Akumon
Greenman vs. Kappalge
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Greenman vs. Kappalge
Greenman vs. Kappalge
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 42

Greenman vs. Kappalge (グリーンマン対カッパルゲ,   Gurīnman tai Kapparuge) is the forty-second episode of Go! Greenman.


The episode begins in the Underground Cave with Maoh furiously complaining of Greenman's thwarting of his plans and Tonchiki's constant failure to destroy the hero. Tonchiki reassures Maoh, casting a spell on a subordinate, mutating it in to the bird monster Kappalge before his master's eyes. Maoh agrees to allow for the monster to be deployed, and it transports itself to the overworld. There, four small children are fishing with a hand net. As they dip the net in the water, it begins to erupt in to foam. Suddenly, Kappalge bursts out from the water and begins to chase the children. They manage to duck behind a bush and activate a Green Call. Responding to the device's signal, Greenman appears before Kappalge, charging at one another to begin their battle. Greenman immediately pulls ahead in the fight, knocking Kappalge to the ground and causing him to lose consciousness. Maoh, looking on to the fight from a viewing screen in the cave, becomes furious with the monster's performance and orders Tonchiki to act. Obeying his master's orders, Tonchiki casts another spell on the monster, reviving it and forcing it to use its trump card. Kappalge creates a bubble on its mouth and begins inflating it with a noxious gas. Once fully inflated, the object flies from Kappalge's mouth at Greenman, popping on contact. When popped, the bubble releases the a cloud of smoke and cover's Greenman's face in a viscous liquid. Blinded and damaged, Greenman is easily beaten on by Kappalge, but is able to wipe the blinding liquid from his eyes. Greenman's sight does not last for long however, as Kappalge fires another bubble at the hero, once again blinding him. This time, Greenman is not given an opportunity to wipe away the obstruction, and is instead beaten down. He attempts to fire a Leg Arrow at Kappalge, but the monster evades the projectile and continues to attack. Luckily, the children realize the hero's peril and use Green Calls once more, this time repairing his sustained damage and miraculously removing the liquid from his eyes. Now no longer impaired, Greenman is able to parry Kappalge's blows. The monster attempts to fire off another bubble but Greenman quickly throws an Ear Boomerang at it, popping it prematurely. Greenman leaps in to the air, landing behind Kappalge confusing the monster. It quickly turns around however and begins to spray Greenman with a barrage of smaller bubbles. They continue fighting on rocky terrain where Kappalge is easily thrown around. Maoh orders Tonchiki to act once more, this time forcing Kappalge to create a giant bubble. The object makes its way towards Greenman who summons the Greenman Stick, using the Stick Beam ability to alter the bubble's course. It flies back toward Kappalge, exploding on the monster's face. Greenman then uses his Mouth Beam ability which knocks Kappalge off of a cliff and in to the water below, where his body erupts in to a large explosion, ending its life once and for all.



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