"Greenman vs. Blanker"

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"Greenman vs. Blanker"
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"Greenman vs. Blanker"
Greenman vs. Blanker
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 21

"Greenman vs. Blanker" (グリーンマン対ブランカー,   Gurīnman tai Burankā) is the twenty-first episode of Go! Greenman.


After the usual master, underling conflict between Maoh and Tonchiki, a new monster is placed within one of the desired children's playthings as a part of yet another blood retrieving scheme. The children try interacting with the toy using a magnet, but it unexpectedly flies towards the magnet and explodes releasing the vicious Blanker. As the children run in panic, they are stopped by Tonchiki who traps them in between him and the monster. However, they realize that they can easily escape out either side, which they do, and activate their assigned Green Calls in distress. Greenman appears not a moment too soon and distracts Blanker long enough for the kids to safely leave the premises. Both Blanker and Greenman run up a small hill, and once elevated begin fighting. Once engaged in combat, it becomes apparent that Blanker fights very offensively and goes in for quick but devastating strikes. Luckily, Greenman is easily able to counter most attacks, using a variety of nimble maneuvers. Sure enough, Greenman gets the best of his adversary who lay motionless on the ground until instructed to grow. Greenman too grows, and wastes no time in doing so, eager to destroy Blanker once and for all. They hastily charge at one another, and Greenman immediately tackles Blanker to the ground, and repeatedly slams his body to the ground. The monster is not one to give up however, knocking Greenman away and returning to his feet. After more strategic combat, Blanker reveals his trump card, firing a tractor beam of sorts from his mouth which pulls Greenman to him. With similar motions as Greenman, Blanker too tackles Greenman and slams his body down multiple times as well as stomping on his midsection amongst many more brutal actions. He is relentlessly beaten to the point of mechanical failure, seemingly impairing his sight. But, just in time, Greenman reaches out on the ground, and to his surprise finds a Green Call which recharges his body. He springs into action once more, retaliating against Blanker. He tries his hardest to fulfill Tonchiki's orders, firing his beam once more. Though, Greenman is not phased by the attempt, quickly pulling out two Ear Boomerangs and holding them in an 'X' formation which repels Blanker's beam right back at him and pushes him far away. Blanker is then ultimately defeated using one of the boomerangs in Greenman's hand.



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