Greenman vs. Bulguerrilla

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Go! Greenman Episodes
Greenman vs. Mohtles
Greenman vs. Bulguerrilla
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Greenman vs. Bulguerrilla
Greenman vs. Bulguerrilla
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 17

Greenman vs. Bulguerrilla (グリーンマン対ブルゲリラ,   Gurīnman tai Burugerira) is the seventeenth episode of Go! Greenman.


Deep in the ground in the Underground Cave, Maoh angrily yells at his underling Tonchiki for his failures, repeatedly insulting him and yelling at him that Greenman is still out there. Tonchiki realizes Maoh's state and obediently presents him with Bulguerrilla, a humanoid with whips for fingers who was mutated from a minion. Maoh gives approval to Bulguerrilla being deployed, but he insists Tonchiki stay put. The monster is planted inside a small child's remote control. They examine the object which is presumably no longer working due to the monster inside, when suddenly it flies from his hand and begins to smoke, revealing Bulguerrilla. He begins to chase the children, but one of them pulls out a Green Call and activates it. However, right as the call is completed, Bulguerrilla grabs him. Greenman appears in the sky and descends to the earth below, right in front of Bulguerrilla. The monster puts down the boy to fight with Greenman. Bulguerrilla attempts to whip Greenman, but he evades the attack each time. Greenman then grabs one of the whips and uses it to reel Bulguerrilla toward him. Maoh, watching the battle from the Underground Cave, realizes Bulguerrilla is losing. So, he calls for Tonchiki and orders him to make Bulguerrilla grow. Greenman also grows, and Bulguerrilla attempts to whip Greenman again. However, he continues to miss and instead hits the ground around Greenman, causing an explosion which knocks him over. Greenman attempts to get up, but Bulguerrilla makes sure he stays down, kicking and whipping him. He does eventually manage to get up however, and after a few more hits he attempts to use his Breaster attack. Unbeknownst to Greenman, Bulguerrilla activates his ferrokinesis which pushes all metals away from him (i.e. the missiles and Greenman himself). Greenman is pushed far back, and eventually falls down due to an explosion behind him. Bulguerrilla proceeds to relentlessly beat on Greenman, further weakening him until all machinery within him fail. Completely paralyzed, Greenman is left to die. But, one of the children realize and uses the Green Call. A beam of energy shoots from the device and supercharges Greenman. As Bulguerrilla walks away satisfied, Greenman uses his Flash Shock ability to destroy him.



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  • In this episode, Greenman practically dies, having every piece of machinery in his body stopped and leaving him motionless. If it weren't for the Green Call, Maoh would have succeeded in taking down Greenman and could then take the blood of children without any interruption.


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