"Greenman vs. Cupad"

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"Greenman vs. Cupad"
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"Greenman vs. Cupad"
Greenman vs. Cupad
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 43

"Greenman vs. Cupad" (グリーンマン対キューパット,   Gurīnman tai Kyūpatto) is the forty-third episode of Go! Greenman.


The episode begins in the Underground Cave where Tonchiki and two subordinates are celebrating Maoh's birthday. Maoh begins to cry at the thoughtfulness of his minions but quickly snaps back in to his usual rage, yelling at Tonchiki to create a new plan to destroy Greenman. He obliges and casts a spell on one of the subordinates present, mutating it in to the monster Cupad. Tonchiki demonstrates Cupad's ability to absorb objects through a patch on its chest, and Maoh allows for its deployment. On the surface, a group of young boys are playing with a toy bow that shoots suction cup-tipped arrows. One of the kids shoot an arrow at a stone wall but it bounces off of something prematurely. It is revealed that the obstruction was Cupad who had become invisible, reappearing into a cloud of smoke after being hit by the arrow. The monster starts to chase the fleeing children, but one stops and activates a Green Call. Responding to the device's signal, Greenman appears before Cupad and they begin to fight. After a short battle, Greenman is able to knock Cupad unconscious on the ground. Maoh, watching on to the fight from a viewing screen in the Underground Cave, realizes the monster's failure and orders Tonchiki to do something about it. Tonchiki obeys, and casts a spell on Cupad, reviving him and forcing him to rapidly grow in size. Greenman uses his machinery to also alter his size, matching that of Cupad. They resume their battle in a small town, where they evenly exchange blows with no clear victor. Greenman steps back and attempts to kill Cupad prematurely using his Breaster ability. However, Cupad absorbs the missiles through the patch on his chest, as demonstrated in the cave. Greenman tries to use a different attack, this time using Flash Shock. Cupad easily absorbs the Flash Shock electricity bolt as well, and advances towards Greenman. Cupad takes the upper hand, landing countless hits on Greenman who sustains heavy damage. Now weakened, Greenman is easily beaten on. Luckily, the children realize Greenman's damages and use a Green Call to repair his machinery and give him a boost of energy. Greenman then kicks the absorbing patch off of Cupad's chest which explodes on contact with the ground. Anticipating death, Cupad attempts to flee, running up a small mountain and jumping back down as Greenman chases. Greenman manages to knock the monster to the ground and get more hits in but is soon knocked down himself, giving Cupad an opening to run once more. This time, Greenman uses the Breaster attack to stop Cupad in his tracks and finishes him off with his Mouth Beam.



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