Greenman vs. Dragonda

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Go! Greenman Episodes
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Greenman vs. Dragonda
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Greenman vs. Dragonda
Greenman vs. Dragonda
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 10

Greenman vs. Dragonda (グリーンマン対ドラゴンダ,   Gurīnman tai Doraganda) is the tenth episode of Go! Greenman.


Tonchiki, realizing Maoh's rage at his previous failure(s), reassures him with his latest creation, Dragonda. Before his master's eyes, a Minion of Maoh is mutated into the dragon-like creature. Tonchiki then looks to some children who are playing soccer in a small field. He plants Dragonda in their ball, and it goes flying into the forest. The children race towards the forest to get their ball, only to be greeted by the large monster. They run in the opposite direction and use the Green Calls to summon Greenman. Greenman immediately arrives at the scene at starts to fight with Dragonda. Greenman quickly knocks Dragonda to the ground, and begins to whale on him until Tonchiki makes him grow to giant size. Albeit surprised at the quick growth of the monster, Greenman also grows to continue their fight. After a short scuffle, Greenman throws an Ear Boomerang, but Dragonda spits a rock in the air which comes in contact with it. Being a highly explosive projectile, and exploding so close to the hero, the force of the explosion damaged his arm severely. Now with Greenman having only one arm capable of use, Dragonda finds it much easier to beat him down. He spits another rock at Greenman's feet which explodes, causing the hero to jump away. Dragonda continues to attack the injured Greenman, further weakening him until near destruction. He attempts to kick Dragonda out of the way, and use his Leg Arrow. But, his damages didn't allow for the arrow to fire. He also attempted for the first time to use Eye Beam, but it didn't activate either, causing Dragonda to belt out laughter. Determined to destroy Dragonda, Greenman tries the Breaster attack, which too does not work; however, Greenman gives it another shot, which successfully fired a single blast. Luckily, the missiles were able to strike Dragonda down, and he explodes on a mountainside. Waving goodbye to the children, Greenman teleports away as the episode ends.



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  • This is the first episode in which Greenman perseveres when injured, rather than being healed by the Green Calls.
  • This is the first episode in which Greenman teleports away at the end, rather than flying away.


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