Greenman vs. Valingar

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Go! Greenman Episodes
Greenman vs. Stock
Greenman vs. Valingar
Greenman vs. Megahertz
Greenman vs. Valingar
Greenman vs. Valingar
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 8

Greenman vs. Valingar (グリーンマン対バリンガー,   Gurīnman tai Baringa) is the eighth episode of Go! Greenman.


Maoh scolds Tonchiki for failing his only mission, to retrieve children's blood, and is infuriated by the fact that he has to stay in the Underground Cave. So, Tonchiki looks to some children who are playing with spinning tops, and plants his newest monster Valingar into one of them. The monster revealed itself when the top it was put in crashes into one of the other ones. The kids attempt to run away, but Valingar grabs one of them before he could get away. He held back the boy's arms so he could not activate the Green Call, but did so anyway by throwing it at the ground. Greenman flew in from space, and confronted Valingar who let go of the boy. The two begin to brawl, with Greenman appearing to be the victor. However, Valingar managed to grab hold of the hero's arm and spin around at extremely fast speeds. When they eventually stopped, both individuals were extremely dizzy. Angered at the fact that Valingar's own attack affected him for the worse, Maoh orders Tonchiki to make Valingar grow. Greenman also grows so he can destroy it. Now taller than the buildings, Valingar and Greenman continue to fight in a small town. This time, Valingar showed off another one of his abilities which was sending out spinning drones from his face. Greenman attempted to finish the monster off quickly with his Breaster attack, but the drones deflected all of the missiles. The drones also started to fly at Greenman and attack him, but luckily, Greenman managed to use his Flash Shock attack to destroy the drones and Valingar.



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