Greenman vs. Hotter

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Go! Greenman Episodes
Greenman vs. Cupad
Greenman vs. Hotter
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Greenman vs. Hotter
Greenman vs. Hotter
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 44

Greenman vs. Hotter (グリーンマン対ホッター,   Gurīnman tai Hottā) is the forty-fourth episode of Go! Greenman.


The episode begins in the Underground Cave with a subordinate immediately mutating in to the bat monster Hotter. Tonchiki explains to Maoh that this is the new monster to combat Greenman, and demonstrates its ability to teleport. Maoh is convinced to allow for the monster's deployment, and it teleports to the playground above. There, a large group of young children are playing with a jump rope. But, the jump rope is suddenly pulled from hands of the girl using it and is sucked in to the tunnel to the cave. The children rush to the tunnel to investigate but are immediately startled by Hotter, who jumps out at them and begins to chase them. He singles out a girl and boy from the group, grabbing on to their arms. Two other girls notice this, and use the Green Calls to signal for help. The mechanical hero Greenman responds to the signals and appears before Hotter, who lets the children free in preparation for battle. The two combatants kick off their battle with a flurry of punches. They make their way towards the Underground Cave's entrance, Greenman being knocked against it. He attempts to return the punch to Hotter, but the monster disappears, making Greenman hit his hand on to the wall. Hotter reappears atop a cylindrical climbing structure. It then rapidly transports before Greenman once more as they continue to fight. However Hotter teleports once more, this time atop the tunnel to the Underground Cave. Greenman attempts to climb up to Hotter but is knocked off, although a second attempt proves successful and they resume battle. Hotter is able to avoid one of Greenman's punches by teleporting behind him and getting a hit in of his own. Greenman is quickly knocked down, which leads Hotter to pin him and drag him down the tunnel's sloped exterior. Once at the bottom, they commence battle yet again only for Hotter to teleport away. This time, Hotter appears inside of the cave tunnel, only to quickly run out and be chased around the playground by Greenman. Hotter teleports again, once more returning to the top of the cave's tunnel. Greenman runs up to Hotter's position and attempts battle, only for Hotter to teleport behind him once more and get a free hit. Greenman is easily overwhelmed by the monster's continuous teleportations, rapidly disappearing and reappearing around him, getting more and more hits each time. Greenman is pushed down the tunnel's slope once again and becomes badly damaged when Hotter jumps off the top of the tunnel and kicks him in the head. However, Hotter is only able to take advantage of Greenman's weakened state for a short period as the children realize the situation and use the Green Calls a second time, repairing Greenman's machinery. Fully repaired, Greenman leaps to his feet and summons the Greenman Stick, beginning to beat the monster down with it. Hotter is almost immediately knocked unconscious, to the dismay of Maoh who is watching on to the battle from a viewing screen in the Underground Cave. Tonchiki is quick to cast a spell on Hotter, reviving him and causing him to rapidly grow to a gargantuan size. Greenman uses his machinery to alter his own size, matching that of the monster. The battle resumes once more, now in the mountainous area of a small town. Greenman quickly takes the upper hand in the battle, driving Maoh to cast a spell of his own, granting Hotter a steel sword. Greenman summons the Greenman Stick a second time to compensate for the monster's newfound weapon, and they continue fighting. As they fight, they gradually move higher up on a small mountain, which Greenman quickly knocks Hotter off of. The hero also jumps down from the high ground and they clash weapons once more. Hotter is easily knocked to the ground, and Greenman manages to knock the sword from its hand. Now weaponless again, Hotter attempts to escape up the mountain, only to be beaten on with the Stick. Greenman takes a step back to a neighboring platform, and dematerializes the Greenman Stick before using his Flash Shock ability. Hotter is blasted with the full force of the Flash Shock electricity bolt, and falls off the mountain before erupting into a cloud of flame, thus destroying the monster.



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  • This is the only Go! Greenman episode where the Green Calls are operated only by girls.
  • There is a visible tear in Hotter's right wing which can be seen in almost all of the shots which have him on screen.
  • This episode is a prime example of the continuity errors with the Underground Cave's tunnel entrance. From the second episode onward, it is shown that the entrance only has one opening in the front, where you are able to continue in to the cave. However in this episode, it is clearly seen that the tunnel is fully open on the other end and a person could realistically climb right through it.


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