Greenman vs. Fonshuragon

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Go! Greenman Episodes
Greenman vs. Minilla
Greenman vs. Fonshuragon
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Greenman vs. Fonshuragon
Greenman vs. Fonshuragon
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 47

Greenman vs. Fonshuragon (グリーンマン対フォンシュラゴン,   Gurīnman tai Fonshuragon) is the forty-seventh episode of Go! Greenman.


The episode begins with Greenman and Maoh fighting on mountainous terrain. Maoh bursts in to devilish laughter before using magic to throw an arrow at Greenman. The arrow becomes lodged in Greenman's chest, causing him to yell out in pain and stumble backward, falling to the ground. However, it is revealed that this battle was but a daydream of Maoh's. The devil king immediately begins to furiously scold Tonchiki and orders him to form a new plan to take down Greenman and achieve their goal of freeing Maoh from his imprisonment. Tonchiki reassures his master with news of a new monster which has already been deployed. On the surface, not far from their underground lair, a group of 6 young boys gather around a mysterious and gigantic block of ice. One of the boys decides to push the block, which sends it down the street they are on before slamming in to the sidewalk. This causes the ice block to erupt in to smoke before revealing Tonchiki's newest monster Fonshuragon! Two of the children are quick to use their Green Calls, summoning Greenman to the scene. Greenman appears before the monster in response to the Calls and begins to clash with Fonshuragon. They exchange punches and throw one another around before Fonshuragon uses his trump card ability. The monster begins to spray a freezing mist from its mouth, causing Greenman to become covered in ice and starting to become frozen in place. With his body slowly becoming rigid, Greenman is easily beaten on by Fonshuragon, but luckily the effects do not last for long as he soon becomes fully thawed again and continues fighting with the monster. After another series of traded blows, Fonshuragon throws Greenman to the ground who immediately returns to his feet before exclaiming "Greenman Giant Machine Change" and using his inner electronics to grow to giant size. In response to this, Tonchiki, who is watching on to the fight from a short distance away, casts a spell on Fonshuragon causing him to also rapidly increase in size. Now both evenly sized once more, the two combatants resume their battle in a small town. Greenman takes the upper hand as soon as the fight starts, beating Fonshuragon to the ground with a flurry of punches to the head. The monster attempts to get back up but is once again thrown down. However, Fonshuragon manages to return to his feet before praying more of his freezing mist at Greenman. Albeit, the mist barely effects Greenman, but instead freezes Tonchiki who is still close by at human size. Greenman leaps in to the air and lands directly in front of Fonshuragon, continuing to beat on the monster. Greenman grabs on to Fonshuragon's arm before then rapidly spinning him around and throwing him. Fonshuragon gets up yet again only for Greenman to land more and more hits. Eventually, Greenman manages to knock Fonshuragon unconscious and uses his Breaster finisher to destroy the monster once and for all. Greenman then notices Tonchiki who is just now thawing from Fonshuragon's attack. He grabs an Ear Boomerang from one of the holsters on the side of his head and throws it at Tonchiki, but Maoh casts a spell on the subordinate, teleporting him to the Underground Cave unharmed.



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