Greenman vs. Shilarji

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Go! Greenman Episodes
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Greenman vs. Shilarji
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Greenman vs. Shilarji
Greenman vs. Shilarji
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 40

Greenman vs. Shilarji (グリーンマン対シラージ,   Gurīnman tai Shirāji) is the fortieth episode of Go! Greenman.


The episode begins, as per usual, with Maoh and Tonchiki discussing their next plan in the Underground Cave. Maoh is upset, because Tonchiki claims that there are no monsters capable of defeating Greenman. Tonchiki explains this as being due to the fact that the Minions of Maoh get frightened by Maoh's anger, meaning that none of them want to come forward, and that they should all stay quiet for a while, much to Maoh's annoyance. Tonchiki summons one of the Minions with his trademark spell, and quickly transforms them into a new monster in front of Maoh. Tonchiki explains that this new monster, named Shilarji, is the strongest of the subordinates so far, and will be sure to defeat Greenman, all while Shilarji demonstrates his power using his Morning Star flail. Tonchiki explains that anything hit by this flail's iron ball will 'shatter into pieces'. Impressed, Maoh orders the duo to go to the surface of the Earth and once again try to gather the blood of the children.

Meanwhile, the children are all playing bowling in the park. After a few turns, the ball flies into a bush, explodes, and reveals Shilarji! Shilarji charges, and the children run into some trees to summon Greenman with the Green Calls.

Greenman arrives on the scene, and quickly begins to battle Shilarji. Because Shilarji wasn't using his flail, the battle at first is fought equally on both sides, with neither Greenman nor Shilarji showing any weakness. Maoh gets angry, and yells at Shilarji from the cave to use his weapon. Tonchiki tells him to be patient, and the two continue to watch. Meanwhile, Greenman now has the upper hand, and throws Shilarji down a small knoll, as Maoh curses the monster as an imbecile. Tonchiki casts his spell again, and Shilarji gets back up, performs a mysterious pose, and then grows into a giant size. Greenman uses his 'Giant Machine Change' ability to also grow in size, and the fight continues.

Greenman and Shilarji continue to battle near the town, with neither side letting up. Maoh is still annoyed that Shilarji won't use the mace, but once again Tonchiki asks for him to be patient. At long last, Shilarji finally summons the weapon, and begins to use it, forcing Greenman to evade the attacks. Greenman fights back with punches and kicks, and uses the flail's chain to throw Shilarji down. Greenman manages to jump over one of Shilarji's swings, but a second swing shatters his right leg, leaving him in incredible pain, and Maoh and Tonchiki cackling in the Underground Cave. Shilarji continues to strike Greenman with the flail, but Greenman pushes him back, and continues to defend, despite the damage sustained to his leg. Shilarji strikes Greenman in the chest with the flail, causing some of the hero's circuitry to catch fire and short out.

After being struck in the leg again, Greenman summons the Greenman Stick. Now with a weapon of his own, he knocks Shilarji back, before planting the stick into the ground. He then uses the 'Leg Gain' ability of the Stick, repairing the damage incurred by his limbs. Removing the stick from the ground, he continues to beat Shilarji down with it, gradually moving the fight downhill.

Maoh condemns Shilarji's weapon as useless, and begins to slap Tonchiki. Meanwhile, Greenman manages to hit the mace out of Shilarji's hands with the Greenman Stick. The flail hits the ground and violently explodes, causing an earthquake to strike the cave. Now without his weapon, Shilarji is effectively defenceless, and falls to Greenman's Greenman Breaster. Shilarji falls down and explodes. Maoh yells at Tonchiki for lying about there being no strong subordinate, all while Tonchiki apologises profusely.



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