"Greenman vs. Dunket"

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"Greenman vs. Dunket"
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"Greenman vs. Dunket"
Greenman vs. Dunket
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 25

"Greenman vs. Dunket" (グリーンマン対ダンケット,   Gurīnman tai Danketto) is the twenty-fifth episode of Go! Greenman.


The episode starts with Maoh angrily requesting for Tonchiki's appearance. Obeying his master's wishes, Tonchiki teleports to Maoh's side. There, Maoh orders the subordinate to release a monster, to which loyally complies. In a large sand-covered area, a group of small boys are seen playing a war-type game with most of them carrying toy guns and charging forth as a battalion. Once far enough into their "battlefield", the presumed leader throws a toy grenade far in front of him. Much to his surprise, the grenade explodes on contact with the ground, and reveals Tonchiki's newest monster Dunket. The insect-like kaijin pursues the fleeing children who eventually fall, due to the front-most boy tripping. However, one of the kids manages to dart away and activates a Green Call. Answering the device's signal, Greenman joins the fray and begins beating down Dunket. They continuously engage one another in short spurts of hand-to-hand combat until Dunket catches the hero off-guard using a tongue-shaped bomb. Although not hitting Greenman directly, the force of the explosion knocks him to the ground, and temporarily stuns him. Taking the opportunity, Dunket proceeds attacking Greenman, even throwing the remainder of his bombs. The monster soon realizes that his bomb supply has been completely diminished, and continues fighting. Unexpectedly, another bomb appears in Dunket's mouth and he quickly tries throwing it. But, Greenman grows to a giant size before Dunket can even grab the explosive. Dunket also grows to continue combating Greenman who quickly succumbs to the monster's strength. However, Greenman soon manages to regain the upper hand and destroys Dunket with the Breaster attack.



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