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Tonchiki in Go! Greenman
Species Subservient Demonic Monster
Other Stats Digging Speed: 55 kilometers per hour[1]
Place(s) of emergence Underground Cave[2]
Relations Maoh (Master),
All Go! Greenman kaiju (Creations)
Allies Maoh, Minions of Maoh
Enemies Greenman
First appearance Go! Greenman Episode 1:
Greenman vs. Garamedon
Latest appearance Go! Greenman Episode 52:
Greenman vs. Maoh
Chin Chin Pui Pui no Pa!

— Tonchiki's trademark magic spell. (Go! Greenman)

Tonchiki (トンチキ,   Tonchiki) is a kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 1 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series, Go! Greenman titled Greenman vs. Garamedon.


Tonchiki has an odd bulbous body. His head is brown and bumpy. He has brown antlers coming from the top of his head and blue eyes. His body is a light blue colour. There are two beige donut-shaped prominences on his body that are connected to two other long red strands that end under his eyes, similar to a chicken's wattle. He does not have any arms. Tonchiki's mouth appears to be similar to a beak, and can only move up and down.


Go! Greenman

Tonchiki is the loyal servant of Maoh and creates various monsters to retrieve blood for his master, as well as to generally cause mischief. First appearing in Episode 1, he reminds a seemingly amnesiac Maoh of who he is and his plans. He is usually quite cowardly, and allows his monsters to do all of the work, and on the rare occasion he takes matters in to his own hands, he is easily beaten. When Maoh decided to fight Greenman directly in the series finale, he summoned Tonchiki to take the children to the Underground Cave after he turned them to stone. When Greenman went to the cave, he only found the stones. After Greenman defeated Maoh and revived the children, Tonchiki reappeared. He then apologized to Greenman for all he had done, before teleporting away.



Tonchiki can summon monsters by uttering the phrase "Chin Chin Pui Pui No Pa."


By saying a special incantation that uses the same phrase as his summoning chant, Tonchiki can cast a spell which causes whatever monster is accompanying him to grow to its full size. The "spell" of sorts is also able to revive monsters if they lose consciousness as well as order them to use their trump card ability.


Tonchiki possesses the ability to rapidly transport himself wherever he pleases, usually to and from the Underground Cave.

Freezing power

Tonchiki has the ability to freeze humans in place, though this was only utilized once.


Although never seen in the series, Tonchiki is said to be able to dig through the ground at speeds of 55 kilometers per hour.[1]


  • Tonchiki has never grown to giant size like some of the other monsters, however in Greenman vs. Tonchiki he daydreams about doing so.
  • Tonchiki inadvertently saves Greenman from certain death multiple times throughout the series, such as in Greenman vs. Ibokiller where he steps on one of the Green Calls, stopping Greenman's paralysis by repairing his machinery.
  • A running gag in the series involves Tonchiki being repeatedly knocked over, either by being forcibly knocked down by Maoh or the monsters, or by tripping and falling down on his own.
  • Tonchiki's favorite food is 500-year old tree roots.[1]


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