Greenman vs. Minilla

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Go! Greenman Episodes
Greenman vs. Cross-Dressing Kaijin
Greenman vs. Minilla
Greenman vs. Fonshuragon
Greenman vs. Minilla
Greenman vs. Minilla
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 46

Greenman vs. Minilla (グリーンマン対ミニラ,   Gurīnman tai Minira) is the forty-sixth episode of Go! Greenman.


The episode begins in the Underground Cave with Maoh furiously muttering to himself. Tonchiki enters the cave's main chambers and attempts to reassure his master. Tonchiki runs off and Maoh later sees a monster through the cave's viewing screen. Tonchiki teleports back to Maoh and upon questioning explains monster to be Minilla, and that it is their newest monster to thwart Greenman and gather the blood of the children. Nearby on the surface, three young boys are running through a vegetated area towards a clearing holding nets and a bucket. They then suddenly hear a roar-like groan and turn around to investigate only to see Minilla chasing after them. As they attempt to run in the opposite direction, they are stopped by Tonchiki who also begins to chase after them. Two of the boys manage to get away but one trips and falls to the ground before Tonchiki begins pinning him with his foot. The boy luckily has a Green Call on his person and throws it to the side of him, which causes it to activate. Answering the device's signal, Greenman flies over them and lands at the scene. The two safe boys run to Greenman and point him in the direction of their trapped friend and the monster. Minilla, now holding on to the boy, receives orders from Tonchiki to hand their captive over to him and to go after Greenman. Minilla obliges and runs off towards Greenman as Tonchiki attempts to grab on to the boy with his mouth. However, the boy easily escapes and Tonchiki attempts to chase after him only to fall over. Meanwhile, Greenman and Minilla begin to fight atop a hill. Minilla attempts to throw a punch at Greenman but misses, allowing for the hero to grab him from behind. Minilla is able to knock Greenman off of himself with a quick punch which knocks him to the ground. Greenman returns to his feet and prepares to lunge at Minilla once more. As this is happening, Tonchiki once again chases the children around. Similar to before, another of the children falls down and Tonchiki sits on him to keep him from moving. The other children are able to save him however, beating Tonchiki with sticks. Greenman and Minilla continue to battle, exchanging multiple hits and often knocking one another down. At one point in their fight, Greenman knocks Minilla to the ground and they both roll down the hill only to resume their battle once at the bottom. Greenman gives the monster a swift kick to the face, causing its pacifier to be knocked out of its mouth. Minilla immediately runs toward the object but is attacked by Greenman. Enraged, Minilla beats Greenman down, landing multiple firm punches, kicks, and even headbutts. Maoh realizes this, still looking on to the monster from the Underground Cave's viewing screen, and bursts into approving laughter. Tonchiki teleports himself to the battlefield and calls Minilla over to him. Tonchiki rewards the monster with a giant baby bottle filled with milk. It begins to drink from the bottle, but Tonchiki realizes that Greenman is starting to stand up and come towards them. He attempts to warn the monster but ultimately runs away leaving Minilla to fight him. Greenman lands a series of punches and a kick on Minilla, knocking the bottle from his hands. As Greenman advances towards Minilla, Tonchiki casts a spell on him causing him to rapidly increase in height. Greenman quickly uses his machinery to alter his own size, matching that of the monster's. Now both at giant size, Greenman and Minilla resume their battle in a small town. Greenman punches Minilla in the head twice before it lunges toward him. Greenman evades the monster's charge and kicks him in the back. He runs at Minilla once more to land another hit on his exposed back, but is knocked over by Minilla's tail. He returns to his feet, but is immediately knocked down once more with another of Greenman's kicks. They then clash again, as Greenman attempts to remove the pacifier from Minilla's mouth, but is thrown to the ground in response. Minilla then traps Greenman in a chain of punches to the head which knocks him down yet again. After more praise from Maoh, Minilla begins beating on Greenman who tries again to grab the pacifier. Failing to pull the object from Minilla's mouth, Greenman instead pushes him away and gets up. Minilla tries to lunge at Greenman, but he again evades, and this time grabs the monster from behind and successfully pulls the pacifier from his mouth. With his pacifier gone, Minilla throws himself to the ground and begins to throw a tantrum, kicking his feet in the air and making a continuous cry. Greenman shouts out for his Breaster attack but stops, feeling pity for the distressed creature. Maoh furiously scolds Tonchiki for his failure of a creation, and Greenman begins to burst out in to hysterics. Tonchiki casts a spell once more, this time destroying Minilla and leaving Greenman the victor.



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  • This is the first of two episodes in the series where the central monster is not directly destroyed by Greenman.
  • In this episode, when Greenman uses his machinery to alter his size, instead of shouting "Greenman Giant Machine Change!" he omits his own name and instead only shouts "Giant Machine Change!".


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