Greenman vs. Sanda

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Go! Greenman Episodes
Greenman vs. Red Rock
Greenman vs. Sanda
Greenman vs. Sibilegon
Greenman vs. Sanda
Greenman vs. Sanda
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 31

Greenman vs. Sanda (グリーンマン対サンダ,   Gurīnman tai Sanda) is the thirty-first episode of Go! Greenman.


The episodes begins in the Underground Cave where Maoh is complaining due to Greenman's ability to constantly thwart his plans. Reassuring as ever, Tonchiki appears before his master and presents him with a minion which mutates into the hair-covered monster Sanda. Maoh allows for the monster to be deployed, and they head for the nearby playground. There, the children begin to notice spontaneous disappearances of their belongings, starting with a ball being thrown around which vanishes into midair as well as a large toy train which another boy was dragging around by a rope. The party responsible for the disappearances soon makes itself known as none other than Sanda. Sanda targets one boy in particular, chasing him down and lifting him up from behind. One of the other children take notice and use a Green Call to summon Greenman in their distress. Sure enough, Greenman leaps from the air in front of Sanda who puts the boy down to engage in combat. The two begin their battle by charging at one another which results in both of them falling down. However, Greenman quickly gets up and runs over to Sanda before he too has the chance. Greenman lands multiple blows on the monster and charges forward. Sanda leaps out of the way, causing Greenman to trip over and allowing his opponent beat on him. After performing multiple jumping attacks on the downed Greenman, Sanda picks him up and throws him back to the ground, landing more punches while doing so. Greenman is thrown to the ground once more but is able to get his bearings this time, rolling out of the way of another blow and picking himself back up. As Maoh and Tonchiki look on from a viewing screen in their lair, Greenman and Sanda continue to trade blows. Greenman is able to get the upper hand and bash Sanda against the ground knocking him out cold. Realizing this, Tonchiki casts a spell to reawaken his monster as well as make it grow to giant size. With Sanda towering over him, Greenman manipulates his machinery to make himself grow to a matching height, allowing for the battle to continue. After a very short engagement of punches and kicks, Greenman sees an opportunity and uses his "Leg Arrow" attack, launching a powerful dart from his lower leg. The projectile flies through the air towards Sanda, but miraculously the monster is able to catch the arrow and consume it. In retaliation, Greenman uses another attack, his trademark finisher the "Breaster". Panels on the hero's chest open revealing eight cannons which begin to fire on the monster. Similarly, Sanda is able to catch all of the missiles and begins consuming them. With its hunger sated, the monster lets out a roar and begins spitting a pink-hued mist towards Greenman. The smoke begins polluting the air around Greenman, causing him to become severely weakened. Falling to his knees, Greenman's hardware begins to fail. The children who were earlier attacked become disheartened as they look on to their hero, now being advanced upon by Sanda. However, everything changes as one of the children spot a Green Call laying in the grass not far from him. As the boy begins to crawl towards it, Greenman is relentlessly beaten on, eventually being thrown off a steep cliff, looking on to Sanda in defeat. The monster does not let up, spitting more of the noxious gas and now putting Greenman into critical condition. The young onlooker continues to crawl towards the Green Call, but the pink haze begins to take effect. The other children try to flee but Tonchiki teleports before them, leaving them nowhere to go. The children quickly begin inhaling the gas causing them to be knocked unconscious. The final boy left, still faithfully advancing towards the Green Call finally reaches it, but passes out from the gas just as he presses the device's button. Immediately, the device begins to light up and repair Greenman's machinery. The hero awakens and springs into action. Sanda attempts to jump down on top of Greenman from the above cliff, but Greenman cartwheels out of the way. Greenman crouches on to his knee and uses his "Fire Fighting" ability to clear Sanda's smokescreen. With the monster's advantage stripped from him, the two resume their battle once more for a final time. Greenman makes quick work of Sanda, pushing him to the ground almost instantaneously and stepping back for a final attack. Greenman lifts his arms to the air and summons a large bolt of electricity which he directs towards Sanda whom spontaneously combusts on contact. With his work finally over, Greenman receives his praise from the children and flies away into space.



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