Greenman vs. Inbelun

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Go! Greenman Episodes
Greenman vs. Seguro-1
Greenman vs. Inbelun
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Greenman vs. Inbelun
Greenman vs. Inbelun
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 27

Greenman vs. Inbelun (グリーンマン対インベルン,   Gurīnman tai Inberun) is the twenty-seventh episode of Go! Greenman.


Greatly amused by Tonchiki's newest scheme, Maoh eventually complies and allows him to execute said plan. Presumably close by, a group of children are playing a game of statues near a torii. As they are occupied with the game, Tonchiki's monster, Inbelun sneaks up behind them causing them all to faint. However, one of the children was watching close by and used a Green Call in distress. Immediately, Greenman appeared barrelling down a set of stone steps. Inbelun quickly came into sight and was thrown aside; giving Greenman just enough time to awake the children and allow them to run away. Once away from the battle field, Greenman continued to fight with Inbelun but was easily overpowered by the monster's great strength and mysterious ability to take endless hits. The hero struggled to inflict damage, but in turn was only tiring himself, for every hit which made contact had no effect. Inbelun easily beat on Greenman without stop, even flipping him over a wooden fence. The children, taking refuge close by, watched as their hero was nearly defeated. One of the boys, angered by Inbelun's presence, threw a pebble at the monster's face which knocked him to the ground! The two fighters brought themselves to their feet and once again fought, this time with Greenman taking a noticeable lead. Maoh realizing this orders Tonchiki to make Inbelun grow. With his enemy towering over him, Greenman used his electronics to grow as well by the words "Greenman, Giant Machine Change." Matching Inbelun's height, they further combated one another, Greenman again troubled by his opponent's seemingly impenetrable skin. But luckily Greenman persisted and used an Ear Boomerang to cut one of Inbelun's horns. This obstructed an electric forcefield of sorts that Inbelun was protected by, and caused a large explosion which destroyed him.



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