Greenman vs. Sibilegon

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Go! Greenman Episodes
Greenman vs. Sanda
Greenman vs. Sibilegon
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Greenman vs. Sibilegon
Greenman vs. Sibilegon
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 32

Greenman vs. Sibilegon (グリーンマン対シビレゴン,   Gurīnman tai Shibiregon) is the thirty-second episode of Go! Greenman.


The episode begins in the Underground Cave with Maoh, Tonchiki, and two of Maoh's minions. Tonchiki once more attempts to reassure Maoh in is perpetual fit of rage, by mutating one of the minions into a new monster. The monster, Sibilegon, immediately begins to flash in and out of visibility much to Maoh's dismay. Upon Tonchiki explaining that the ability is intentional, Maoh allows for the monster to be deployed. Nearby at an old dirt path, three boys are sitting together reading magazines when they realize a violent breeze. As they begin to stand the monster walks out in front of them from seemingly nowhere, sending the children into a fit of panic. They begin to run as the monster keeps a steady pace after them and duck in to a bush to use a Green Call. The device activates and signals Greenman to the scene, immediately beginning to battle the foe. The two combatants trade blows, but Sibilegon proves to be a formidable opponent. Even so, Greenman is able to throw the monster to the ground causing him to disappear. All that can be sensed of the monster is its mechanical screech, until it attacks Greenman. The now invisible Sibilegon effortlessly beats Greenman to the ground, leaving him seemingly desperate, flailing on the ground. However, Greenman raises his arm to the sky and calls out for the Greenman Stick. On command, the staff weapon materializes in to Greenman's hand, thrusting it in front of him and hitting Sibilegon causing him to become visible once more. Now wielding his staff, Greenman is able to easily parry all of Sibilegon's attacks. Maoh, watching on from a viewing screen in the Underground Cave, quickly realizes Sibilegon's imminent defeat and commands Tonchiki to do something. Tonchiki obliges and at his command Sibilegon begins to jump in and out of the portal he had originally appeared from. The taunting proves successful as Greenman chases after Sibilegon into the portal. This causes Greenman to fall in to Sibilegon's own dimension where Greenman's machinery immediately begins to fail. Weakened, Greenman is no match for Sibilegon and is quickly beaten down. With Greenman distracted, Tonchiki teleports to the overworld to torment the children, but they use the Green Call to repair Greenman. Realizing he is in danger, Sibilegon runs back through his portal with Greenman close behind. They are transported back to Earth where they engage in a final battle. Greenman makes quick work of the monster, who tries to escape through another portal, however Greenman fires a Leg Arrow that lodges into the ground beneath Sibilegon's portal causing it to close. Sibilegon attempts to run away but Greenman is quick to use his Flash Shock ability to summon lightning to his hands and electrocute the defeated foe. With another monster defeated and the children safe again, Greenman flies off in to space.



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