Greenman vs. Flasher

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Go! Greenman Episodes
Greenman vs. Zarizon
Greenman vs. Flasher
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Greenman vs. Flasher
Greenman vs. Flasher
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 34

Greenman vs. Flasher (グリーンマン対フラッシャー,   Gurīnman tai Furasshā) is the thirty-fourth episode of Go! Greenman.


The episode begins with an enraged Maoh yelling at Tonchiki about Greenman's constant thwarting of their plans. Tonchiki is quick to reassure his master, casting a spell on one of the minions, mutating it into the humanoid monster Flasher which Maoh allows to be deployed. A short distance away, a group of children are running through a field holding on to a rope when suddenly they are all blown over by an explosion. When they turn towards where the explosion had appeared from, the Flasher stands before them, prompting them to run away. One of the boys uses a Green Call in his distress, which activates and calls Greenman to the scene. Landing atop a hill, Greenman jumps down to the foe and leaps towards it. The monster ducks, causing Greenman to fly over him and beginning their battle. The two combatants begin trading blows with one another and prove to be quite equal fighters. The Flasher begins to run up the hill, but Greenman does not allow him to do so, landing multiple punches and eventually rolling down the mountain with him. Once they roll to the flat ground, Greenman stands up but the Flasher lays unmoving. Seeing this from a viewing screen in the Underground Cave, Maoh orders Tonchiki to take action. Tonchiki casts another spell, this time reviving Flasher and planting him back on his feet. Confused, Greenman puts up his fists ready to continue fighting when the Flasher leaps in to the air as one entity, but lands behind Greenman as two. The Flasher and its new blue-headed clone slowly advance towards Greenman when suddenly all three of them cartwheel past one another. Greenman, now standing where the two Flashers had once been standing, throws an Ear Boomerang at the red Flasher which explodes on contact. Greenman attempts to throw another at the blue variant but it teleports and reappears behind the hero. Grabbing Greenman from behind, the blue Flasher temporarily renders him immobile whilst the red Flasher charges towards them. Attempting to get a hit off, the red Flasher is kicked out of the way and Greenman is able to sever the blue variant's hold. Both monsters rush Greenman one at a time, becoming knocked back each time. Realizing their strategy needs changing, they decide to both attack at the same time. Using this method, the Flashers are able to easily overwhelm Greenman. Meanwhile, Tonchiki realizes that the children will attempt to use the Green Call. So, at the command of Maoh, Tonchiki teleports before the children and grabs the device from them in his mouth. Tonchiki attempts to run with the device but the children surround him and are able to keep him from running. The red Flasher realizes that its creator is in danger, and leaves the blue variant to aid him. The monster is able to scare the children off and chases them down, as Tonchiki realizes that he has swallowed the Green Call. He sits down on the ground in an attempt to alleviate the pain and the device flies from his mouth, landing on the ground and activating itself in the process. Now repaired and revitalized, Greenman quickly springs on to his feet and knocks the blue Flasher to the ground. Realizing that the other monster is still terrorizing the children, Greenman fires a Leg Arrow at it which stops the chase. With the red Flasher temporarily subdued, Greenman is able to make quick work of its counterpart. Maoh, amazed at Tonchiki's ignorance, commands him to remove the Leg Arrow from the Flasher's leg. Now with the Flashers together again, Greenman is able to outsmart them into attacking one another. The red Flasher throws a punch which Greenman dodges, and connects with its blue counterpart, causing it to disappear. Alone once more, the red Flasher is easily defeated by Greenman's Breaster attack, sending a shockwave through the ground and to the Underground Cave. With his work completed, Greenman flies off into space as the children wave to him.



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