Spider II

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Spider II
Spider II in Go! Greenman
Alternate names Second Generation Spider
Species Arachnid Minion of Maoh mutation
Forms Human size, giant size
Controlled by Tonchiki
Relations Tonchiki (creator)
Allies Tonchiki, Maoh
Enemies Greenman
First appearance Go! Greenman episode 39,
"Greenman vs. Spider II"
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Spider II (2代目スパイダー,   Nidaime Supaidā, lit. Second Generation Spider) is an arachnid kaiju created by Toho that first appeared in episode 39 of the 1973 tokusatsu kaiju series Go! Greenman, titled "Greenman vs. Spider II."


Spider II is identical to its previous incarnation, Spider.


Go! Greenman

"Greenman vs. Spider II"

Spider II is a reincarnation of the monster Spider, both created by Tonchiki for the purpose of retrieving blood from human children for Maoh to escape his imprisonment in the Underworld. Spider II as deployed in a wooded area where three children had been bug catching. They step in to a clearing, when suddenly three giant spider webs appear from all sides around them, trapping them. Spider II appears before them and begins to try to attack the children, but one uses a Green Call to summon Greenman. Answering the call, Greenman transports himself to the scene. The monster becomes distracted when Tonchiki accidentally falls in to one of the webs, buying Greenman some time to let the children out of the trap. Greenman and Spider II then begin to battle, with Spider effortlessly taking the upper hand. However, Greenman is able to knock the monster to the ground and pin it, causing Maoh to order Tonchiki to act. Tonchiki obeys, and casts a spell on Spider II, causing him to grow to giant size. Greenman uses his machinery to alter his size, matching that of his opponent. The battle resumes in a small town, Spider continuing to pull ahead. Tonchiki sees an opportunity to demonstrate Spider II's special ability and orders the monster to do so. He begins to spit streams of webbing at Greenman, incapacitating him. Tonchiki attempts to attack the children on the surface but they are able to throw him to the ground and use a Green Call once more, this time giving Greenman a boost of vitality. He is able to manipulate the webbing, transporting it off of himself and on to the monster. Anticipating death, Spider II attempts to run but is ultimately destroyed by Greenman's Flash Shock ability.


Web Spitting

Spider II, in a similar fashion to its predecessor, can spit fully woven webs from its mouth.


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