Greenman vs. Gabara

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Go! Greenman Episodes
Greenman vs. King Takoras
Greenman vs. Gabara
Greenman vs. Gyaron
Greenman vs. Gabara
Greenman vs. Gabara
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 14

Greenman vs. Gabara (グリーンマン対ガバラ,   Gurīnman tai Gabara) is the fourteenth episode of Go! Greenman.


Insistent on acquiring the blood of children Maoh continues to angrily reprimand Tonchiki. As loyal as ever, Tonchiki bows to his master and reassures him. Around the same time, a group of children are hiking near a temple of sorts. They see a small vinyl figure next to a pile of steaming rocks. One of them uses a stick to knock the figure into the rocks, causing the steam to spread. Once it clears, an oni-like creature named Gabara comes into view. He lets out a furious cry and begins to chase the children. All but one escape, who trips on a rock and is snatched by the monster. The other children watch as their friend is swallowed whole, trapping him within Gabara's stomach. The monster then begins to pursue the others. Frightened, another one trips and nearly shares the same fate as his friend. Luckily, the remaining two children use their Green Calls just in time. Greenman instantly appears atop a hill and wastes no time in charging toward Gabara. Greenman vigorously attacks Gabara, eventually grabbing him by the shoulders and flipping him. Once on the ground, Greenman feels compelled to look inside Gabara. Using an ability similar to an x-ray, Greenman sees the boy trapped within Gabara's stomach. Gabara is stunned for long however, as he jumps up and flies to a prairie. Greenman follows, and they continue fighting. The monster pulls out one of his own claws and throws it towards Greenman. It penetrates his body, and badly damages his right arm. Gabara proceeds to beat on Greenman who is unable to efficiently block his attacks. It then occurs to him that not only was his arm damaged, but some of the machinery responsible for his Leg Arrow attack was also. He continues fighting in any way he can. Unannounced, Tonchiki is teleported to the sight and orders Gabara to use another one of his claws. Gabara does so, but Greenman dodges out of the way and it explodes on the ground. Just now realizing the child is still inside Gabara, Greenman uses his Fire Fighting technique to make Gabara go unconscious. Greenman is then able to pull the child out of Gabara's stomach. The child runs off as Greenman awakens Gabara to finish him off. Gabara attempts to fend off the hero with another explosive claw, but it barely even reaches his foot. Multiple missiles begin to fly from Greenman's chest as he shouts "Greenman Breaster!" All making with Gabara, he falls to the ground and explodes leaving the children in peace; for now.



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