Greenman vs. Yasugon

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Go! Greenman Episodes
Greenman vs. Alien Tiborus
Greenman vs. Yasugon
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Greenman vs. Yasugon
Greenman vs. Yasugon
Series Go! Greenman
Episode # 37

Greenman vs. Yasugon (グリーンマン対ヤスゴン,   Gurīnman tai Yasugon) is the thirty-seventh episode of Go! Greenman.


The episode opens in the Underground Cave with Maoh furiously ranting to Tonchiki and two of his minions. In his rage, he lifts his hand to the ceiling and creates a display of lightning and thunder. Tonchiki is quick to reassure his master that Greenman will soon be defeated, but Maoh responds by hitting him over the head. On the surface in a nearby playground, four boys are playing a game of hide-and-seek. As one of the boys searches for his hiding friends, he looks in to a small tunnel in the middle of the playground, not realizing it is actually the entrance to the Underground Cave. A pair of yellow eyes begin to glow in the dark tunnel, revealing the figure's identity to be Tonchiki. The boy runs away from the tunnel in fright only to be caught in a net thrown by another figure: Yasugon. The monster grabs the trapped child as Tonchiki transports himself back to the cave to report to Maoh. Two of the other children realize their comrade's perilous situation and use the Green Calls. Answering the signals, Greenman appears before the monster who lets go of the child, allowing for a battle to begin. They lunge at one another and begin exchanging punches and kicks, eventually knocking each other down. As they return to their feet the fight rages on in a continued flurry of attacks. Yasugon takes a step back and raises his hands to his mouth, only to immediately throw them to his sides and open is jaw wide, spitting a thick net at Greenman. Seeing an opportunity, Tonchiki transports himself to the scene only to be knocked backwards by Yasugon who is thrown by Greenman. Tonchiki falls back into the entrance to the Underground Cave and Yasugon returns to his feet. After removing the net from around himself, Greenman charges forth once more as the battle continues. They knock one another to the ground and begin to trade blows, returning to their feet shortly after. Yasugon attempts to fire off more nets but Greenman is able to evade them. Maoh, looking on to the fight from a viewing screen in the cave, orders Tonchiki to act. He casts a spell on Yasugon who rapidly mutates to giant size. Greenman shouts out "Greenman Giant Machine Change", activating his electronics and altering his size to match that of Yasugon. The fight resumes in a small hillside town where after a short engagement, Yasugon leaps to a higher point of land and materializes a rope, wrapping Greenman up with it in the process. He returns to the flat ground with Greenman who is now unable to use his arms. Yasugon is able to easily gain the upper hand, beating Greenman in to submission until he lay motionless in the dirt. Three of the four children from the playground witness this and use their Green Calls once more, this time to revive their hero. Greenman's eyes light up in response to the signals, quickly returning to a standing position and snapping the rope restricting his arms. Almost instantly, Yasugon is beaten to the ground and Greenman flies to a high point before using his Flash Shock ability. Electrocuting Yasugon, his body erupts in to a cloud of flame and smoke, and Maoh is left furious as ever.



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