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Reizaus in Super Fleet Sazer-X
Subtitle(s) Space Terror-Beast
(宇宙恐獣,   Uchū Kyōjū)[1]
Enemies Core-Braver
First appearance Super Fleet Sazer-X
Episode 2: "Burn Up! Great-Lio"
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Reizaus (レイザース,   Reizāsu) is a kaiju that first appeared in episode 2 of the 2005 Toho tokusatsu series, Super Fleet Sazer-X, titled "Burn Up! Great-Lio."


Reizaus is a reptilian monster with grey-blue skin and large bronze horns. He also has a pair of giant pincers instead of hands, which range in color from bronze to obsidian. He has a nasal horn, forehead horn, and two curved horns on the sides of his head. Reizaus also has two crystalline spikes on his shoulders, similar to SpaceGodzilla.


Super Fleet Sazer-X

"Burn Up! Great-Lio"

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Reizaus has giant pincers for hands, which he can energize to strengthen his attacks.

Energy Beam

Reizaus can emit a red energy beam from his mouth. His shoulder spikes and horns flash blue before he fires.



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