Kong of Skull Island #8

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Kong of Skull Island
Issue #7
Issue #8
Issue #9
Kong of Skull Island #8
Cover A of issue #6 by Nick Robles
Story by James Asmus
Written by James Asmus
Art by Carlos Magno
Colors by Brad Simpson
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Edits by Dafna Pleban
BOOM! Studios
Kong of Skull Island

Kong of Skull Island #8 is a comic book by BOOM! Studios. It was released in February 2017.


As a group of hunters prepare to enter the wilds of Skull Island, the leader of the party, named Aguul, admits his suspicion that there are more Kong in the wilds than just Valla the Untamed. He cites the early supply missions into the jungle some of the Kong were overtaken by the primal atmosphere and ran away into the trees, some of whom were killed by monsters, and others became monsters themselves. He recounts that some were encountered again on later missions, but in the last year only one of them seems to have survived: the scarred and half-blind Kong which Valla was fighting in front of its son. The hunter theorizes that the last remaining Feral Kong may not be a Kong, but the vengeful spirit of one that had died there. Valla uses the skull of a dead Kong in the Feral Kong's lair to stun her opponent, but she grabs a rib and pins Valla down. It nearly stabs her, but Valla then notices gigantic Pteranodons flying overhead, and that the infant Kong, that she refers to as K'in is missing, and she tosses off the Feral Kong and sends it into a river to chase after him. Aguul and his party then stop and ask the engineer Eesa if she thinks the site will be sufficient to build a refuge from the monsters and particularly the Kong. Before things can escalate, their repellent incense begins to run low and the party turns back. At that moment, two Pteranodons, with one carrying the infant K'in crash through the trees with Valla chasing after them. They drop K'in, and the Feral Kong attacks Valla. On seeing this, Aguul uses the fight as leverage for his argument that incense cannot protect them from the Kong. He acknowledges that there is no way for them to kill the adult Kong, but since both of them are female all they have to do is kill the infant male to eliminate the species. Valla tears one of the Pteranodons' heads off and notices one of the hunters attempting to stab K'in, and she picks him and another attacker up and squishes them in her hands. K'in runs to Valla, but his mother still pursues them. During the chase she falls into a faulty mine tunnel, and is left there for dead as Valla delivered K'in to safety in the human village. Greatly upset by this, Aguul warns that if K'vanni's fondness for animals matches her mother's, then it would not be unexpected for the infant Kong ruling as her King when she takes the throne. In the great uproar surrounding the first wild-born Kong, a group of men went to verify the story of its origins, vaguely relayed to Ewata by Valla, but while searching for K'in's mother's body they find only the collapse site and some blood. Elsewhere, the Deathrunners surround the Feral Kong, who is still very much alive.



Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Tagu Kong
  • Atu Kong






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