Kong on the Planet of the Apes

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BOOM! Studios
Kong on the Planet of the Apes

Kong on the Planet of the Apes is a six-issue comic miniseries published by BOOM! Studios. It is a crossover between DeVito ArtWorks' King Kong of Skull Island property and the Planet of the Apes franchise, and is set in the aftermath of the original 1968 Planet of the Apes film.


Kong on the Planet of the Apes was revealed by the comic's writer Ryan Ferrier in an exclusive interview with Empire magazine on August 9, 2017. According to Ferrier, the comic is set directly after the events of the original 1968 Planet of the Apes, and begins with Dr. Zaius and General Ursus leading a group of soldiers into the Forbidden Zone to find and destroy any remnants of Taylor's time, only to discover the body of a Kong. Zaius, accompanied by Cornelius and Zira, then leads an expedition to the creature's place of origin, Skull Island, to learn the truth behind the discovery, where they encounter the last living Kong.

The series is illustrated by Carlos Magno, who had previously illustrated some of BOOM! Studios' other Planet of the Apes comics as well as Kong of Skull Island, with cover art by Mike Huddleston. The first issue was published in November 2017.[1]


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