Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (Shogakukan manga)

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Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (Shogakukan manga)
Written by Wataru Mimura
Illustrated by Takayuki Sakai
Publisher Shogakukan
Pages 194
Genre Manga

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (ゴジラVSメカゴジラ,   Gojira tai Mekagojira) is a 1993 manga adaptation of the film of the same name published by Shogakukan.

Differences from the film

  • Several characters (most prominently Miki Saegusa) and Kazuma Aoki's Pteranodon Robot are completely absent from the story.
  • Mechagodzilla has a long, sharp spike erupting out of its forehead, and lacks a Plasma Grenade. The Garuda also lacks its Masers, instead opting for two traditional cannons.
  • Aoki presents Mechagodzilla to an audience at the UNGCC headquarters, but the mech goes haywire and damages the building with a "Cross Attack Beam" from its throat. The ability is named after the Showa Mechagodzilla's chest-mounted weapon.
  • Aoki and Azusa Gojo fly to Adonoa Island in the Garuda. They arrive while Azusa is asleep, but Aoki finds that it is storming on the island, and suggests aloud that they turn back. Azusa suddenly awakens and begins wrestling the controls from Aoki, causing the Garuda to crash land near a fossilized Rodan. Aoki stays aboard while Azusa visits a research facility containing two monstrous eggs: one hatched and the other intact. Rodan suddenly flies over Aoki and touches down at the facility, but is distracted by the appearance of Godzilla. As in the film, Rodan and Godzilla fight, with Rodan being defeated. Meanwhile, the unhatched egg is loaded onto the Garuda. As Aoki and Azusa start to fly away, Godzilla grabs onto the Garuda and is carried out to sea, but he loses his grip and falls off.
  • Aoki is one of Mechagodzilla's pilots during its first battle with Godzilla, alongside Takuya Sasaki and Catherine Berger.
  • Godzilla and Mechagodzilla's first battle is completely different. The two clash underwater rather than in the countryside; Godzilla triggers the eruption of an underwater volcano; Aoki disobeys Sasaki and places Mechagodzilla into "Manipulator Mode", allowing his movements to translate to Mechagodzilla using a special suit; Godzilla tears off one of Mechagodzilla's arms, which fires missiles at him while detached; and Mechagodzilla fires additional missiles from its shoulders and the sides of its head, as well as disk-like explosives from an unclear location.
  • As Rodan lay unconscious on Adonoa Island, birds and fish flock to him and are absorbed into his body, ultimately reviving him. However, he does not gain a beam weapon.
  • Aoki is thrown in the brig for his disobedience. While there, he devises the plan to create Super Mechagodzilla using the Garuda, earning him his freedom.
  • Azusa is placed inside a container with the Godzillasaurus egg, rather than a hatched BabyGodzilla, in order to lure Godzilla. Rodan steals the container and brings it to the top of a building in Makuhari, where he begins incubating the egg, paying no mind to Azusa. Azusa is then rescued by Aoki in the Garuda.
  • Azusa stays aboard the Garuda for the entirety of Godzilla and Mechagodzilla's final battle. She at one point convinces Aoki to shield Rodan from Mechagodzilla, which downs the craft temporarily.
  • Mechagodzilla's G-Crushers are changed into a single cable that is extended by launching off his head crest as a projectile. Its first use is unsuccessful, as Godzilla pulls it out of his chest with his teeth.
  • Godzilla's eyes are ruptured by "Plasma Needles" fired from the Garuda, causing his eyes to bleed profusely and rendering him blind.
  • BabyGodzilla does not hatch until after Godzilla's second brain has already been destroyed.
  • Mechagodzilla is taken over by Mecha-King Ghidorah's programming, which attempts to brutally kill Godzilla. During its assault, it rips one of his dorsal fins in half.
  • After ripping the dorsal fin, the possessed Mechagodzilla aims the Garuda's cannons at BabyGodzilla, but Godzilla prevents it from firing.
  • Mechagodzilla nearly decapitates Godzilla, taking large chunks out of his neck. Rodan imparts Godzilla with his life force as in the film, which heals his injuries.
  • Mechagodzilla tries a second time to destroy Godzilla's second brain. Rather than Shock Anchors, Mechagodzilla fires off its entire arms as cabled projectiles which stab Godzilla in the shoulders, before using its forehead G-Crusher. However, Godzilla whips the G-Crusher out of the air with his tail. Mechagodzilla then tries to fly into the air, but Godzilla pulls it back down using its arm cables, causing it to crash into a building.
  • After Mechagodzilla is grounded, Godzilla rips off Mechagodzilla's head. However, the mech continues fighting, similar to the events of Terror of Mechagodzilla. It attaches itself to Godzilla and self-destructs in a last-ditch effort, but Godzilla survives. Aoki and Azusa escape the explosion by ejecting in the Garuda's cockpit, which can fly independently.




Weapons, vehicles, races, and organizations



  • Mechagodzilla turning against its human masters after having its programming overridden is similar to the 2002 film Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla, in which the spirit of the original Godzilla possesses Kiryu and causes it to go berserk.
    • A similar scenario also occurs in the 2021 film Godzilla vs. Kong, in which one of King Ghidorah's skulls is used to provide a neural interface for Mechagodzilla. Late in the film, Ghidorah's consciousness takes control of the machine, driving it berserk as it seeks to destroy Godzilla. In both scenarios, Godzilla is saved by another monster (Rodan in the manga, Kong in the film).


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