Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (Shogakukan manga)

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Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (Shogakukan manga)
Author(s) Takayuki Sakai
Illustrated by Takayuki Sakai
Publisher Shogakukan
Pages 194
Genre Manga

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (ゴジラVSメカゴジラ,   Gojira tai Mekagojira) is a 1993 manga adaptation of the film of the same name published by Shogakukan.


The manga follows the plot of its film counterpart reasonably closely, but deviates at several points.

The manga contains much more graphic violence, with Godzilla suffering from near-torture against Mechagodzilla during the first fight, including having his eyes ruptured and his dorsal plates torn in half. Mechagodzilla is also given a variety of new abilities, including a powerful move in which he fires his arms at Godzilla after the G-Crusher fails. In the final battle, Mecha-King Ghidorah's programming takes over Mechagodzilla and it attempts to brutally kill Godzilla, despite G-Force wanting to capture Godzilla alive. After Godzilla is revived by Fire Rodan, Mechagodzilla attempts to attach itself to him and self-destruct.



  • Mechagodzilla has many differences from its film counterpart in this manga. It has a long, sharp spike erupting out of its forehead. It also lacks a plasma grenade. In addition, the Garuda lacks its masers, instead opting for two traditional cannons, and can also eject its cockpit, allowing it to escape being destroyed as a consequence of Mechagodzilla self-destructing.
  • In this manga, Mechagodzilla overrides its programming and turns against its human masters. Something similar occurs in the 2002 film Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla. While in this manga Mechagodzilla goes out of control when Mecha-King Ghidorah's programming takes over, in the later film Kiryu goes berserk after it becomes possessed by the spirit of the original Godzilla.
    • Furthermore, a similar scenario also occurs in the 2021 film Godzilla vs. Kong, in which one of King Ghidorah's skulls is used to provide a neural interface for Mechagodzilla. Late in the film, Ghidorah's consciousness takes control of the machine, driving it berserk as it seeks to destroy Godzilla. In both scenarios, Godzilla is saved by another monster (Fire Rodan in the manga, Kong in the film).


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