Gamera the Giant Monster 4: Gamera vs. Viras (1995)

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Gamera the Giant Monster 4:
Gamera vs. Viras
Gamera the Giant Monster 4: Gamera vs. Viras
Author(s) Tadashi Makimura
Story by Nisan Takahashi
Publisher Tokuma Shoten
Publish date March 25, 1995
Pages 106
Genre Manga
ISBN ISBN-10: 4198300542
ISBN-13: 978-4198300548

Gamera the Giant Monster 4: Gamera vs. Viras (大怪獣ガメラ4 大怪獣宇宙戦ガメラ対バイラスの巻,   Daikaijū Gamera Fō: Daikaijū Uchūsen Gamera tai Bairasu no Maki, lit. "Giant Monster Gamera 4 - Giant Monster Space Battle: Gamera vs. Viras") is a 1995 manga adaptation of the 1968 film Gamera vs. Viras created by Tadashi Makimura. The fourth installment in a series of adaptations based on the Showa Gamera films, it was published by Tokuma Shoten as part of their Shonen Captain Comics line.


A Virian UFO approaches the Earth with the intent of conquering the planet, though Gamera arrives and destroys it. Meanwhile, on Earth, mischievous Boy Scouts Masao and Jim enter a mini submarine at an aquarium and meddle with the controls of the sub. After a scientist later struggles to control the sub as a result, Masao and Jim are allowed to operate it, where they encounter Gamera swimming underwater. Suddenly, a second UFO appears above the ocean and traps Gamera within a Super Catch Ray, temporarily paralyzing him to view his memories in the hopes of finding his weakness. After witnessing his past battles with Barugon and Gyaos and noting Gamera's kindness towards children, the Virian aliens abduct Masao and Jim and hold them hostage. They then affix a mind-control device to Gamera and force him to embark on a rampage. The boys attempt to escape and even fight off one of the seemingly human-like aliens, only to discover that their appearances are merely disguises after they remove one of the aliens' arms. They also discover a squid-like creature within a cage, believing it to be another prisoner.

Eventually, the boys manage to trick the Virians into leaving the control room by claiming the imprisoned monster had escaped, which allows them the opportunity to free Gamera from the mind-control device and escape the ship. With Gamera turning on them, the Virians plead for the squid-like creature to help them, who was actually their leader, the Boss, the entire time. The Boss forces them to shed their human disguises, revealing them all to be squid-like creatures, before merging into one being to form the Gamera-sized monster Viras. The two monsters engage in a great battle, though Viras eventually impales Gamera through the stomach. However, Gamera takes the opportunity to begin flying into the upper atmosphere while Viras is still impeded in his body, which causes Viras to begin freezing. Once Viras is frozen solid, Gamera shakes him off and flies into his body to shatter it. As the victorious Gamera flies away, the children celebrate while the frozen shards of Viras' body fall into the ocean.

Differences from the film

  • In the film, the scientist operating the submarine mostly ends up steering the sub backwards and driving it in circles. In the manga, the sub is depicted crashing into multiple rocks and submerging itself in the sand before the scientist resurfaces.
  • During the battle, Viras actively taunts Gamera and declares his intent to kill him. In the film, Viras does not speak and was only shown speaking as "the Boss" Virian.
  • In the film, after being frozen, Viras plummets to Earth in one piece and only disintegrates after hitting the water. In the manga, Gamera punches and shatters Viras' body midair, causing only the fragments of his body to fall into the ocean.



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