Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons #1

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Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons issues
Issue #1
Issue #2
Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons #1
Cover A of issue #1 by Inaki Miranda
Written by Frank Tieri
Art by Inaki Miranda
Cover by
  • Inaki Miranda (CVR A)
  • Tyler Kirkham (CVR B/RI)
  • Benjamin Dewey (CVR RI)
  • Scott Godlewski (online)
Colors by Eva de la Cruz
Letters by Nathan Widick
Edits by
  • Jamie S. Rich
  • Zac Boone
Design by Nathan Widick
Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons

Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons #1 is a comic book from IDW Publishing. It was published on June 21, 2023.[1]


In the 1500s, before humanity had successfully traveled the entire globe, it was believed that monsters ruled the oceans just beyond the horizon. "Here there be dragons..." was written on maps to denote the areas people dared not go.That is, until Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the seas, visiting foreign lands and collecting treasure. That's what history tells us, at least, but history does not have the full tale. Monsters did lurk yonder, living on an island that still doesn't appear on any map, and among them was the king of them all-Godzilla![1]


In the year 1556, British colonial authorities have captured "One-Eyed" Henry Hull, a pirate and former crew member of Sir Francis Drake, in the Caribbean and are interrogating him before he is set to hang. Hull is able to negotiate a stay of execution to tell a story of Drake's pursuit of a legendary treasure guarded by a dragon, the true goal of his royal assignment to circumnavigate the world. However, he enrages the guard, Boggs, with his suggestion that the tale involves Queen Elizabeth I. In 1357, the Bishop Thibaud de Castillon was transporting valuable cargo from Portugal to France, only to be attacked by pirates Antonio Botafoc and Martin Yanes. While Botafoc ran aground and was captured, Yanes was able to make a clean getaway with the treasure, but was never seen again. Yanes, fearful from having plundered from a man of God, went as far off from civilization as he could, finding his way to Monster Island through a storm. After seeing giant footprints on the beach, Yanes decided that it would be the perfect place to hide his loot. Hull asks for rum before continuing his story, though his captors are skeptical of his embellishments of the tale of the bishop's treasure. He continues the story with Sir Francis Drake hearing the legend in a tavern from a salty sea dog, who produces a gold doubloon with the silhouette of Godzilla as proof of the tale. Drake took the story to Queen Elizabeth, sparking his expedition to claim the treasure for the English crown, under the pretense of circumnavigating the world. Entering the story as part of Drake's crew on the Golden Hind, Hull notes that Drake couldn't help but target any Spanish ships they found along the way, earning the ire of the Spanish Armada. However, a massive storm hit, which allowed them to escape their pursuers, but blew them off course to Monster Island. The joy of finding land soon turned sour with Godzilla emerging from the sea to face the ship.




  • "One-Eyed" Henry Hull
  • Boggs
  • Antonio Botafoc (flashback)
  • Martin Yanes (flashback)
  • Sir Francis Drake (flashback)
  • Queen Elizabeth I (flashback)
  • Bishop Thibaud de Castillon (mentioned)

Weapons, vehicles, and races

  • Sao Vicente (flashback)
  • Golden Hind (flashback)
  • Spanish Armada (flashback)


  • British territory, the Caribbean
  • Off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia (flashback)
  • Monster Island (flashback)
  • Lisbon, Portugal (mentioned)
  • Avignon, France (mentioned)





This is a list of references for Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons issue 1. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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