Big Comic Original: Godzilla Special Issue (2014)

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Big Comic Original:
Godzilla Special Issue
The cover of the Big Comic Original Godzilla Special Issue
Author(s) Various (see § Contents)
Cover by
Design by
  • Keisuke Minohara
  • Aimi Okuno
  • Ichiyo Goshima
  • Arihiro Tsujimoto
  • Miyuki Baba
  • Akiko Abe
  • cozy
Publisher Shogakukan
Publish date
Pages 334[1]
Genre Manga, informational

The Big Comic Original: Godzilla Special Issue (ビッグコミックオリジナル ゴジラ増刊号,   Biggu Komikku Orijinaru Gojira Zōkangō) is a special Godzilla-themed issue of Big Comic Original magazine. Primarily an anthology of Godzilla manga from various authors, it was published by Shogakukan on July 10, 2014,[1] and again that August 2.[2] It also features some nonfiction articles, including one on Legendary Pictures' 2014 film Godzilla, which was awaiting its release in Japan on July 25.


  • Beginning Pin-Up: Naoki Urasawa Godzilla Poster 巻頭ピンナップ 浦沢直樹ゴジラポスター (p. 3)
  • 60 Years of Godzilla, King of the Monsters 怪獣王ゴジラ60Years (p. 6)
  • Beginning Color Article: Examining the Movie Godzilla!! 巻頭カラー特集 映画「GODZILLAゴジラ」を見極める!! by Minoru Kawasaki (p. 10)
  • Godzilla vs. Godzilla-Lovers: The Greatest Discussion on Earth ゴジラ対ゴジラ好き 地上最大の座談 (p. 207)
  • Godzilla Fan Interviews: Howling for GODZILLA!! ゴジラFANインタビュー GODZILLAに吠える!!
  • "Bakumatsu Godzilla" [幕末ゴジラ] by Yasuo Otagaki (p. 13)
  • "Our Godzilla" [ボクのゴジラ] by Kenichi Kitami (p. 37)
  • "Godzilla Couple" [ゴジラカップル] by Keigo Shinzo (p. 43)
  • "Sons of Godzilla" [ゴジラの息子たち] by Naoki Urasawa (p. 61)
  • "Godzilla 1952" [ゴジラ1952] by Yasushi Hoshino (p. 65)
  • "Godzilla vs. the Kasai Bridge Jizodori Shopping Street" [ゴジラvs葛西橋地蔵通商店街] by Terry Yamamoto (p. 89)
  • "Serizawa's Lunch" [芹沢さんのお昼] by Sensha Yoshida (p. 107)
  • "The Boy Who Saw Godzilla" [ゴジラを見た少年] by Daijiro Morohoshi (p. 111)
  • "Because You Cry Out, 'Gyao' " [君がギャオーと鳴くから] by Mochiru Hoshisato (p. 135)
  • "Go For It, Our MegaroGoji" [がんばれぼくらのメガロゴジ] by Naoki Karasawa (p. 159)
  • "Savior Tooth" [セイバートゥース] by ippatu (p. 165)
  • "Someday Destroying" [いつかやられる] by Rumiko Takahashi (p. 180)
  • "Godzilla Blitz Operation" [ゴジラ電撃大作戦] by Shimpei Itoh (p. 183)
  • "This is Not Godzilla" [これはゴジラではない] by Nobuyuki Hori (p. 213)
  • "Dosilla" [ドシラ] by Yasuhiko Takata (p. 223)
  • "My Mothra" [あたしのモスラ] by Tobira Oda (p. 249)
  • "2014: The First Suit Raids Again" [2014 1号スーツの逆襲] by Nobuyuki Hori + Yukio Miyama (p. 261)
  • "Memories of G" [Gの思い出] by Koichi Masahara (p. 279)
  • "Godzilla Friend" [ゴジラともだち] by Masahiko Kikumi (p. 285)
  • "May You Return To Us" [とくかえれかし] by Akira Saso (p. 291)
  • "Country of Godzilla" [ゴジラの国] by Kazuichi Hanawa (p. 321)


  • The magazine's cover art is based on the Japanese poster for Godzilla 2000: Millennium, but with Godzilla patterned after the ShodaiGoji suit.
  • "Someday Destroying" author Rumiko Takahashi is better known as the creator of the Urusei Yatsura series, which has in turn made several references to the Godzilla franchise.
  • The title of "May You Return To Us" is a lyric taken from the "Prayer for Peace" from the original 1954 Godzilla film.


This is a list of references for Big Comic Original: Godzilla Special Issue. These citations are used to identify the reliable sources on which this article is based. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1]

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