Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons #5

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Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons issues
Issue #4
Issue #5
Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons II - Sons of Giants #1
Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons #5
Cover A of Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons #5 by Inaki Miranda
Written by Frank Tieri
Art by Inaki Miranda
Cover by
  • Inaki Miranda (CVR A)
  • Tyler Kirkham (CVR B, RI)
  • Scott Godlewski (CVR RI)
Colors by Eva de la Cruz
Letters by Nathan Widick
Edits by Jamie S. Rich
Design by Nathan Widick
Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons

Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons #5 is a comic book from IDW Publishing, concluding the Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons miniseries. It was published on November 1, 2023.[1]


LAND HO! Our journey through the kaiju-infested, uncharted waters of history reaches its end, but not before Godzilla’s fury is unleashed on Sir Francis Drake and all those who would encroach on Monster Island! Secrets are revealed, stretching from lowly pirate “One-Eyed” Henry Hull to the pinnacle of the British Empire, Queen Elizabeth herself!
Dread pirate captain Frank Tieri (Absolute Carnage vs. Deadpool) and ship’s cartographer Inaki Miranda (We Live), the crew behind Old Lady Harley, bring their epic voyage, one of the most unique Godzilla tales in recent memory, to its unbelievable conclusion![1]


"One-Eyed" Henry Hull likens Godzilla to the captain of a ship, and the kaiju who periodically challenge him to mutineers, to Sir Francis Walsingham's amusement. Hull picks up his story with Godzilla battling Ebirah and Oodako underwater, while Sir Francis Drake and himself faced off against the vengeful Captain Cortez Blanco in Godzilla's lair. Moving to defend his captain, Hull was knocked out by Blanco with a single blow. Blanco and Drake began their duel by crossing swords, but switched to nearby bones as each disarmed the other. Meanwhile, Godzilla surfaced, only to be again wrapped in Oodako's tentacles as Ebirah pummeled him. He turned the fight around when he caught Ebirah's claw in his mouth and ripped it off, freeing himself in the process. After hitting Oodako with the claw, Godzilla stuffed the octopus into the crustacean's mouth, then torched them both with his atomic breath. Back in the cave, Blanco knocked Drake on his back and prepared to deliver the final blow with a large skull, only to be noticed by a returning Godzilla, who vaporized him with his atomic breath. Drake, after praying to every god he knew, was spared, although Hull is unsure whether it was out of pity or respect. They delivered Yanes's treasure to Queen Elizabeth I, who swore Drake to secrecy about all he had witnessed on Monster Island. Hull believes, however, that Drake was ultimately killed by the Sons of Giants to ensure his silence, rather than dying of dysentery.

After confirming that Hull has told all he knows, Walsingham shoots him, then cues Boggs to do the same to his captain. Boggs regrets his deception, which included calling for Walsingham to continue Hull's interview, but accepts it as necessary. To further ensure that the Queen's reputation is maintained, however, Walsingham next orders his guards to shoot Boggs, then demolish the room. Gazing at the same kind of doubloon that inspired Drake to seek out Monster Island, Walsingham hails the Sons of Giants, the kaiju, and Godzilla.




  • "One-Eyed" Henry Hull
  • Sir Francis Walsingham
  • Boggs
  • Sir Francis Drake (flashback)
  • Captain Cortez Blanco (flashback)
  • Queen Elizabeth I (flashback)
  • Jesus (mentioned)

Weapons, vehicles, races, and organizations




  • Despite being called "Oodako" in the previous issue, the Giant Octopus's name is repeatedly misspelled as "Oodoko" in this issue.


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