Godzilla vs. Megalon (comic)

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Godzilla vs. Megalon
The comic's cover page
Story by R.J. Wilson
Art by Swiftspear
Publisher Cinema Shares International Distribution Corporation
Publish date 1976
Pages 4
Genre Comic book

Godzilla vs. Megalon is a promotional comic published by Cinema Shares International Distribution Corporation to promote the 1976 American theatrical release of the film of the same name.


This short, four page, single-volume promotional comic was produced by Cinema Shares International Distribution Corporation and was issued in 1976, to coincide with the release of Godzilla vs. Megalon in American cinemas later that year. Although the comic's plot roughly follows that of the film, there are several significant differences present.


Megalon appears during an undersea eruption and attacks an unnamed city. Meanwhile, Godzilla learns of this and calls on his ally Robotman to come and help him, then travels to fight Megalon, who now has partnered with Borodan. Megalon, Borodan and Godzilla fight, and then Robotman arrives to help. Ultimately, Borodan is defeated after Robotman picks him up and drops him from a great height, and Megalon suffers a painful death after Godzilla bites into the back of his neck.




Differences between the movie and the comic.

  • Megalon is shown not to be Seatopian in origin, and appears during the midst of a large undersea volcano's eruption. Rather than leading an invasion force, Megalon simply attacks cities to satisfy his "Energy Hunger."
  • Jet Jaguar and Gigan's names are changed to "Robotman" and "Borodan," respectively.
  • The M Space Hunter Nebula Aliens are not described as lending Borodan to help Megalon, and Megalon simply allies with Borodan, who presumably was already on Earth.
  • Robotman, despite being able to travel faster than Godzilla, arrives later in the fight than Godzilla. In addition, Godzilla calls on Robotman to help fight Megalon, rather than Jaguar coming to Monster Island to ask Godzilla for help. In addition, the comic ignores the fact that Borodan can fly, and would be able to escape being killed by Robotman by swooping back upwards as he approached the ground.
  • Both Borodan and Megalon die rather than escaping the fight.





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