Benjamin Hayes

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Universal Pictures Character
Hayes in King Kong (2005)
Ben Hayes
Species Human
Nationality American
Occupation Sailor
Related to None
First Appearance King Kong (2005)
Played by Evan Parke

Benjamin Hayes[1] was a Croix de Geurre holding[2] World War I veteran who was acting first mate on with the Venture in the 2005 film King Kong.


King Kong (2005)

Seven years before, Hayes and Lumpy were sailing aboard a Norwegian barge. They found a castaway who had been adrift for days after his ship wrecked on a mysterious island. He spoke of a hundred foot tall wall built to keep out a monstrous creature. The next morning, they found that the man had stuck a knife in his heart.


King Kong: The Island of the Skull

One year before the events of the 2005 film, Hayes was steering the Venture in the rough waters off of Baffin Island while on an expedition with Carl Denham to find a mythical orca named Killer. Englehorn called for Hayes to lay anchor off the shore, and Denham went to look for Eskimo, so Hayes was put in charge of his landing party. Hayes and the sailors were content to remain on the rocks around their boat while Denham's crew went to film. However, shouts soon brought Hayes to attention, and he grabbed his rifle, but it turned out to simply be an excited cameraman over finding a herd of leopard seals. Hayes went up to investigate, and revealed to Denham that the baby seals he wanted in the foreground were surrounded by the females, and the hugely aggressive bulls, which put Herb the cameraman in immediate danger. They tried to signal him back, but to no avail. Denham attempted to move in to get him, but Hayes was forced to inform the oblivious filmmaker of the incredibly aggressive and dangerous disposition of the males. Herb began to run away, and Hayes took a position on some high rocks and shot down at the seals until they dispersed, and the crew ran to him, and Hayes ordered some medical supplies and a stretcher. He began wrapping the wound to stop the man's doomed leg's bleeding, and he was taken to ship's medic Billy Clarke. Englehorn had Hayes set a course for Halifax, Nova Scotia, where the rest was done. Hayes and Denham were outside the room when the doctor came out of the operation. They and the Captain went in to see him, and Herb thanked Hayes for saving his life.

King Kong (2005)

Before Hayes was a sailor, he had fought in the trenches of World War I, at the insistence of his father and grandfather that after each war, the racial divide closed a little more. Unfortunately for Hayes, when he returned home, he was met with more bigotry and violence than when he had left, and so he went to sea to prevent himself from killing his principal tormentor, and dying to a lynch mob.[3]


King Kong: The 8th Wonder of the World

Hayes sailed aboard the Venture to the mythic Skull Island, where the ship hit some rocks in the night. The next morning, Hayes gave a damage report to Captain Englehorn before they were forced to go ashore to rescue filmmaker Carl Denham from the hostile natives. While lightening the ship, They discovered that the natives had kidnapped the actress Ann Darrow, and a rescue party was launched. However, Englehorn gave them one day before they would leave without them. While stopping to examine a gargantuan footprint, the party came in the path of a Brontosaurus stampede, which they narrowly escaped. However, while crossing a fallen log bridging a chasm, they were approached by the monstrous Kong, who smacked Hayes off the bridge. He fell to his death in the chasm below.



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