Scent Trigger

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Scent Trigger
Scent Trigger
Targets King Kong, other Kong, Triceratops, Pteranodon
First appearance Kong of Skull Island

Scent Triggers are an ancient Kong training device developed by the Tagatu people. They are used to affect the emotions of Kong and first appeared in the 2016-2017 King Kong comic Kong of Skull Island.


The Scent Triggers were developed by the Tagu and the Atu peoples to alter the emotions or mindsets of the Kong. These were typically used to calm Kong down after a match.


While the Scent Triggers are never seen up close, they take the form of a contained gas or cloud that can be blown in the direction of the target to trigger. They can be stored inside containers, but when there is a rupture, the scent readily shoots out of whatever crack is opened, likely due to decreased pressure.


Kong of Skull Island

After years of perfecting the compounding and use of Scent Triggers, they were commonplace among the Tagu and Atu peoples, particularly among their Kong trainers. However, at one point, a Kong named Fer'rah noticed volcanic activity while fighting in the arena, causing his trainer Ewata to calm him with a calming Scent Trigger. Much later, after a mass exodus due to the destruction of their home on account of the volcano, the Tagu and Atu united to form the Taguatu. However, over the next several years, anti-Kong dissenters, lead by a man called Aguul, began to create new Scent Triggers based on the long defunct recipes with the new herbs found on Skull Island. However, their test batches served to fill Kong with incredible rage, or to turn them permanently into insane killing machines. Happy with their success, they created a citadel in the jungles built over a furnace attached to the mine system to burn massive quantities of Scents to be pumped through the caves and to exit at the mines near the village, where the Kong were stationed. By turning the Kong savage, Aguul and his followers hoped to show the people that the Kong were just as dangerous as, if not more so than, the reptilian threats that lived in the jungles in order to have the people exterminate the Kong so that the humans could truly dominate the island. However, through the efforts of Ewata, the Kong Valla, and her son K'iin, the humans and Kong on the shore were spared. However, their new and unstable Scents sent all of the reptiles, including the docile herbivores on a maddened rampage toward the citadel, killing many dissenters. However, when the rampage ceased, the young Queen K'vanni elected to show them mercy.


Emotional control

The Scent Triggers are used to alter the emotions of Kong whether to rile them up in adrenaline for a fight, or to calm them down afterward. However, they can also turn Kong insane, and have a number of other nasty side effects if made improperly. If a Kong is smart enough, they may learn wash the scents away.


  • A device with a similar concept, known as Warding Scents, took the smells associated with large island predators to scare away the smaller, but no less deadly threats.


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