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Godzilla: The Series episodes
"Bird of Paradise"
"Monster Wars: Part 1"
Series Godzilla: The Series
Episode # 11
Directed by Sam Liu
Written by Steve Hayes
Air date February 6, 1999
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"DeadLoch" is the eleventh episode of Godzilla: The Series.


The episode begins with Nick Tatopoulos and Elsie Chapman watching a report from Scotland detailing an alleged attack by the Loch Ness Monster. Nick believes it to be a hoax, but Elsie believes it warrants investigation. The two begin to debate this, and the rest of the group decide to pay the lake a visit. They first go to the institution that was damages by the attack, where Nick, Elsie, and Monique Dupre secure photos and references on the creature while Randy and Mendel visit a Nessie museum in town. When they return, the group descends into the lake with an institute official. Nick and Randy see the monster and break away from the other submarine to chase it. They find it, but it destroys the glass on their vessel, so they are forced to swim out. Nick finds an oxygen tank, but Randy is caught in some seaweed. Nick saves Randy, but Nessie surfaces with them. It begins to chase H.E.A.T., but Godzilla comes to save them. They discuss with the institute scientists the possibility of studying Nessie, but all they want to do is destroy it. Mendel soon sends N.I.G.E.L. to see where Nessie is. Back in the laboratory, it is discovered that the institute has Nessie's offspring captive. Out on the water, Nessie creates a whirlpool that begins to suck H.E.A.T.'s boat down but it is saved by the quick thinking of Monique, who cuts the line to N.I.G.E.L. with a fire axe. Inside, Nick broadcasts the young Nessie's cries out into the water, which attracts its mother. Godzilla surfaces to fight the sea-serpent, but Nessie quickly forgets about him when the institute leader tries to flee to get the infant to the black market, but he is overpowered by its mother. His submarine is flung into the lake, and Godzilla opens baby Nessie's cage as a show of peace. The group analyzes this behavior and the episode comes to an end.




Weapons, vehicles, and races


  • This is the first episode to end with Godzilla and the other monster parting amiably.
  • This episode was one of Roddy McDowall's last performances, as it aired after his death in October 1998.
  • Clive Revill guest stars in this episode as the voice of Eustace McPhail.


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