"Monster Wars: Part 2"

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"Monster Wars: Part 2"
Monster Wars: Part 2
Series Godzilla: The Series
Episode # 13
Directed by Sam Liu
Written by Steven Melching
Air date 2/20/1999
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"Monster Wars: Part 2" is the thirteenth episode of Godzilla: The Series.


The episode opens with Randy Hernandez and Monique Dupre chasing the Giant Bat, but it turns around and begins to terrorize them. They try to run away from it, but they encounter a Cryptocledius. Nick and Craven continue to spy on the military base, and they discover that Doctors Soppler and Hoffman are under Leviathan Alien control, and they are using Elsie Chapman and Anthony Hicks to rebuild their technology. They lose their signal to their bug shortly after, and they decide to go in to rescue their friends. Meanwhile, Monique and Randy have temporarily blinded the Giant Bat, but are still faced with the Cryptocledius. They broadcast a radio signal that makes them fight each other, but the two then head off in the direction of some uninhabited islands, to which they decide to go. Nick and Craven, with the help of their bug, sneak into the facility, only to witness the resurrection of the original Godzilla into Cyber Godzilla. They try to get Elsie out, but fail and the new cyborg is sent after them. Godzilla comes to save them, but refuses to fight his father. The Leviathan Aliens use this moment of hesitance to bring Godzilla under their control. The two Godzillas chase them, but are distracted by N.I.G.E.L. long enough for Nick and Craven to take a boat and begin to follow Leviathan Alien signals to some islands in the South Pacific. Randy and Monique, who are closer to the islands, are boarded by the Leviathan Alien-possessed United States military. They find no one aboard because Randy and Monique had abandoned their ship and rode to the island on the tail of the Cryptocledius. They head inland, and discover a Leviathan Alien transmission dish. Nick and Craven enter the facility by disguising themselves as workers, but in the power transmitter room, they run into Monique and Randy, who think they are under Leviathan Alien control. They argue about this, but it attracts the attention of the military, and they are captured. In a Destroy All Monsters-esque ending, all of the mutations are sent to destroy Tokyo, London, Hong Kong, Washington, D.C., Moscow, and Paris.


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