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Godzilla: The Series Episodes
"An Early Frost"
"Trust No One"
Series Godzilla: The Series
Episode # 20
Directed by Frank Squillace
Written by Tom Pugsley & Greg Klein
Air date 8/14/1999
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"Juggernaut" is the twentieth episode of Godzilla: The Series.


The episode opens with a a strange creature emerging from a meteorite and taking over a child's remote controlled car before speeding away. After the opening credits there is a comic relief scene at H.E.A.T. as the Techno-Sentient is seen overtaking a hot dog cart that it uses to break into an electronics store. The manger calls H.E.A.T. for help and the Techno-Sentient begins to absorb their merchandise. They watch it in awe until Monique Dupre is able to tear some of the creature off. They decide to take the pieces of the creature back while Monique follows it. In the lab, Mendel Craven quickly devises a strategy to defeat the Techno-Sentient by using Electromagnetic Pulses. Meanwhile, the creature has absorbed some heavy construction equipment and is destroying a construction site. When he arrives, Craven tests his EMP weapon only to discover that the creature can deflect the pulses.The creature then absorbs the truck Craven was standing on, taking the man with it. Just as Godzilla arrives to fight the Techno-Mimic, Craven finds an absorbed cell phone inside the creature and calls the team for help. He ten sees that the creature is using a satellite to gain information on the planet, and Godzilla is defeated. The creature then attacks a train, and Nick and Monique must save the passengers. After that, They see the creature is heading for Fort McKenzie, which houses a nuclear arsenal, something that could destroy the earth is the creature got its hands on it. the American Military tries to defeat the Techno-Sentient, but to no avail. Mendel then realizes that the Techno-Sentient is trying to bomb Baghdad: an act that would cause global conflict, but immediately after sharing this information with the team, the Sentient tries to kill Craven by cutting him in half. At this time, Godzilla returns, ready to fight. Chapman and Dupre then drive a forklift into the creature, rescue Craven, and blow them selves an exit with plastic explosives. Randy is then able to change the missile's launch plans so that it detonates in space with the Sentient attached.


Characters & Monsters

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  • This episode is dedicated to storyboard artist Min Kim.


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