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The multiverse is a theoretical concept which proposes the existence of an infinite number of alternate realities. The concept has been explored in some kaiju-related media, notably in several Godzilla comic series.


The Cloverfield Paradox

While testing the Shepard particle accelerator, the Cloverfield Station unwittingly opened portals to alternate realities, allowing monsters to appear on Earth.

Monster Hunter

In Afghanistan, a team of United Nations soldiers were caught in a storm and accidentally entered an interdimensional portal which transported them to a place known as the New World in which deadly monsters lived among humans. One of the UN soldiers, Artemis, later learned from New World hunters that the portal that transported her to this alternate reality was generated by the Sky Tower, which was created by an unknown ancient civilization. While battling a Greater Rathalos near the Sky Tower, Artemis fell through the portal back to Earth, though the wyvern followed her through it. With the help of the New World hunters, the group defeated the Greater Rathalos, but the portal remained open long enough for another monster - the Gore Magala - to emerge. The group resolved to destroy the Sky Tower to stop the portals from appearing.

Godzilla Singular Point

While looking over Michiyuki Ashihara's writings, Mei Kamino and Pelops II came across sketches resembling numerous eyes. Mei believed these images depicted numerous Singular Points and alternate universes.

Shin Ultraman

While speaking with Ultraman, Zōffy revealed that, because of the former's fusion with a human being, other intelligent life forms throughout the multiverse now knew that humans could be turned into bioweapons. In response, the Planet of Light decided to exterminate humanity before this could happen. Zōffy further rationalized the decision by arguing that the Planet of Light had documented billions of intelligent lifeforms throughout the multiverse, meaning the loss of humanity would be insignificant in the long run; Ultraman vehemently disagreed with this assessment and sought to prevent the eradication of humanity by Zetton.


Godzilla: Oblivion

Scientist Dr. Eli Talbert and his team created an interdimensional portal that allowed them to travel to an alternate version of Earth, which was later dubbed "Earth-2". Upon entering the portal, Dr. Talbert and his team found that Earth-2 had been reduced to a wasteland by giant kaiju such as Godzilla and inadvertently allowed King Ghidorah to enter the portal back to Earth-1. In an attempt to defeat the rampaging King Ghidorah, Dr. Talbert's team brought Godzilla through the portal next, though they were unable to send him back. Shortly thereafter, the people of Earth-2 rounded up their giant kaiju and sent them through the portal to Earth-1 in a desperate attempt to rid their world of its monsters. Knowing their world would fall to the monsters as Earth-2 had, Dr. Talbert's team released nanites across the world that opened numerous interdimensional doorways to the alternate Earth for surviving humans to evacuate through. Godzilla and the other kaiju attempted to follow surviving humans back to Earth-2, but the doorways were subsequently closed to strand the kaiju alone on Earth-1.

Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series

Rita Repulsa and her minions become lost in the multiverse in Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Fed up with always losing to the Power Rangers, the wicked Rita Repulsa located the Multiversal Focus and used it to find an alternate universe without Power Rangers. Rita and her cohorts ended up in a reality filled with giant kaiju such as Godzilla and found that the world was already under siege by the Xiliens, with whom Rita formed an alliance. The battle eventually turned against Rita and the Xiliens after Godzilla and the Power Rangers joined forces, prompting Rita and her minions to abandon this reality and find another. However, because the Multiversal Focus had been fractured just before Rita could activate it, Rita and her minions were unable to teleport to a new reality and instead found themselves lost within the multiverse, left to float aimlessly in a void between alternate dimensions which featured numerous alternate versions of Godzilla or Power Rangers.

Godzilla vs. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers II

At some point, Astronema discovered and rescued Rita Repulsa from the multiverse through unknown means. Rita and Astronema were then able to use the fragments of the Multiversal Focus to teleport themselves and an army of monsters to various alternate realities within the multiverse, where they captured alternate versions of Power Ranger teams and stripped them of their powers. The White Ranger from one of these realities was able to steal a fragment of the Multiversal Focus from Rita after ending up in the universe occupied by Godzilla. While in the midst of battle with the King of the Monsters, the unstable fragment of the Multiversal Focus unexpectedly activated and teleported the White Ranger to the reality occupied by the Power Rangers team that previously encountered Godzilla - though he was soon followed by Rita's monsters and Godzilla himself, who was accidentally teleported to this reality alongside them.

Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong

In a bid to stop the Justice League, the Legion of Doom infiltrated the Fortress of Solitude to steal the Mother Box and Orion's Sled. However, their plan went awry when the Justice League arrived to stop them, and in the ensuing battle, one of Toyman's bombs struck the Mother Box, causing it to activate before Lex Luthor could finish tinkering with it. The Mother Box ultimately transported the group to another reality without metahumans, where they ended up on Skull Island and soon encountered Kong. After learning that this world was populated by giant monsters known as Titans in an outpost on the island, Toyman saw the potential in their destructive capabilities and subsequently used the Dreamstone, which he had earlier stolen from the Fortress of Solitude, to transport several of these monsters back to his own reality, including Kong and Godzilla. The Dreamstone also had the unintended side effect of teleporting various other facets of this reality to the DC Universe, such as the entirety of Skull Island itself. The Titans proceeded to wreak havoc upon the DC Universe, though various members of the Justice League were able to stop them - albeit not before Godzilla was able to subdue Superman. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor discovered that pieces of Mechagodzilla had also been transported to their reality and rebuilt the mech, hoping to establish himself as the "alpha Titan".

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