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A fully developed Matango stands in the jungle of Matango Island in Matango
"Matango Island" refers to the location from Godzilla Island, while the island from Matango is unnamed. For convenience, this page covers both locations under the same title.

Matango Island (マタンゴ島,   Matangotō) is a small fictional island in the South Pacific, said to be located in the Ogasawara Islands. It first appeared in the 1963 Toho film Matango.


The island goes completely unnamed over the course of Matango and is referred to generically in external media as a deserted Pacific island (太平洋の無人島,   Taiheiyō no mujintō),[1] lone Pacific Island (太平洋の孤島,   Taiheiyō no kotō)[2] or simply "unknown" (不明,   fumei).[3] In Godzilla Island, the island from which Matango originates is named Matango Island (マタンゴ島,   Matangotō). This name appears in English on a T-shirt of islands from the Godzilla series, along with another location from the show, Golas Volcano.[4]


Showa era


Some time before the events of the film, a ship came ashore on the island. Its crew disappeared, leaving the ship to become covered in mold. Later, another ship full of several young men and women ran aground on the island in the midst of a storm, disabling their boat. Exploring the island, they found what looked like a paradise; a lush jungle adorned the island, full of pools containing clean water and an abundance of strange-looking mushrooms. At first, the survivors refrained from consuming the fungi, afraid of what it would do to them. Eventually, one survivor grew desperate, and ate one of the mushrooms. What followed was to bring terror to the peaceful island. Gradually, the man began to mutate and grow fungus all over his body, eventually transforming completely into a Matango. Over time, more and more of the survivors became infected, until one survivor managed to escape on the moldy boat. However, upon his return to Japan, he too began to be slowly colonized, ending his sanity by remarking on how similar humans and Matango were to each other.

Heisei era

Godzilla Island

Matango Island is once again home to the Matango mushrooms, and a curiously different version of Hedorah, called Neo Hedorah. Neo Hedorah leaves the island and travels to fight the other monsters. Matango Island lies at a short swimming distance from Godzilla Island, with a trip to the island being used as an alibi when Godzilla was put on trial.



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