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Map of India

India is a country in south Asia, and rests on the Indian subcontinent. Its capitol city is New Dheli. It has been featured in some kaiju media, including the Godzilla franchise, and even a 1966 lost film, Gogola.



Gogola attacking Mumbai

Gogola emerged from the oceans off the shores of Mumbai, and was spotted by Asha, Kumar, and their teenage peers while holding a beach party. When the teens reported it to the Mumbai police, they dismissed it. The monster later returned, but this time made landfall and attacked the city. The military engaged the monster and was able to drive it back to sea, though they withdrew afterwards over concern that they lacked jurisdiction to give chase. This allowed Gogola to return for a second attack after retreating to Wellington Pier, triggering floods in the city. Asha's father, who was a scientist, prepared a poison to kill Gogola. Kumar volunteered to administer the poison underwater. Conflict ensued as Lacchoo attempted to kill Kumar to win Asha over and claim credit for Gogola's destruction. However, the monster was eventually killed during a conflict with the military.

Reiwa era

Godzilla Singular Point


In the Union Compound India in Upala, Bearach "BB" Byrne and his associates approached a massive containment hatch, with BB using a pair of access keys to open it. They entered a neglected chamber to investigate activity of the monster Salunga, whose head was briefly pictured in stills on a monitor Tilda Miller was watching in a control room.

Salunga climbing metal beams in the Union India Compound

Red Dust, described by BB as a new phase of the archetype, started to surge as Salunga's activity increased, all while Tilda Miller watched from the control room. Salunga appeared within the Red Dust and began to climb up the bars in an attempt to escape his containment. Tilda Miller ordered the containment seal to be closed, regardless of the survey team's safety, but BB and the survey team managed to escape just as the hatch was about to close.


BB and Tilda Miller discussed Salunga and its relation to the red dust that Michiyuki Ashihara spoke of. BB also discussed the stabilization of the Red Dust.

Later on, BB was eating dinner as he viewed Mei Kamino's solution "Ashihara Cascade" which was forwarded to him by Li Guiying. Lina Byrne, BB's adoptive daughter, was upset about him eating dinner without her.


Salunga breached his containment once again as he attempted his escape from the Union India Compound. Despite the attempts to halt his progress, the monkey-like kaiju continued up the framework. However, BB was carrying a test of the Orthogonal Diagonalizer and dropped the device into the containment area amid the Red Dust, converting it into numerous crystalline spikes that skewered Salunga. Salunga survived, however, and snarled as the containment area closed in front of him and the spikes began to break down.


In Upala, BB talked to Lina about the difficulties with regards to figuring out how to manipulate the Archetype, and his view of it being the solution to controlling the Archetype in the transtemporal dimension, before SHIVA security apprehended him and brought him back to the Union India Compound. Tilda berated BB for his use of the Orthogonal Diagonalizer, thinking it risked the integrity of the facility. However, Michael Steven had BB freed because the experiment halted Salunga, before bringing up SHIVA's board deciding to continue Ashihara's experiments based on Mei Kamino's findings.

Salunga attacking a village

After arriving in India, Mei attempted to contact Yun Arikawa from an airport, but the global kaiju attacks caused disruptions that made this impossible. While she was looking for BB, a woman attempted to steal the robot Pelops II was inhabiting, but Lina Byrne intervened and stopped the thief. Lina mentioned she would bring Mei to BB, and thus Makita K. Nakagawa left for the Japanese consulate in Kolkata, India. Mei heard the song "ALAPU UPALA" during the drive and Lina explained that it was a local lullaby. Meanwhile, Salunga, who had escaped his confinement, was rampaging through a village, filling the air with Red Dust. Driving around the area in a jeep, a SHIVA mercenary fired two Orthogonal Diagonalizer missiles under BB's supervision, once again skewering and trapping the monster with spike-like Archetype. Afterwards, Lina brought Mei to meet BB.


At the SHIVA.consortium, Mei Kamino and Tilda Miller argued about the Catastrophe; Mei believed all efforts must be put towards stopping it, while Tilda held that the Orthogonal Diagnolizer code was a higher priority. As Mei, BB, Lina, and Pelops II tried to access the Super Dimension Calculator, the key card proved useless after Tilda Miller's intervention, and they found themselves on the run from SHIVA security; luckily, Michael Steven helped the four escape. In another attempt to access the supercomputer, the group made their way through a cave that Salunga had used to reach the surface and were given a new access code to SHIVA. Mei, BB, Lina, and Pelops II followed the path where Ashihara first found SHIVA's Singular Point until they reached a boat to lead them across a red river, and they hopped aboard.


BB, Lina, Mei, and Pelops II made their way through the SHIVA facility until they reached the Super Dimension Calculator. After which, they attempted to find the code for the Orthogonal Diagonalizer in order to stop the Catastrophe. Meanwhile, one of Tilda's mercenaries had informed her of the Orthogonal Diagonalizers being shipped to seven countries globally, which were part of BB's plan to stop the Red Dust by communicating the code to those stationed at the shipping sites. However, Salunga had broken free from the crystalized Archetype from the last attempt to halt him, and was continuing his advance on the SHIVA facility to get to the supercomputer and reach the Singular Point located within. The Indian military's attempts proved futile at against him once more, and Tilda prepared the last Orthogonal Diagnolizer she had to stop him.

Salunga tears open the blast doors to the SHIVA facility

Mei, Pelops II, BB, and Lina continued their efforts as they looked through Ashihara's work to no avail. Meanwhile, Salunga descended upon the facility, with Tilda and mercenaries waiting there with an Orthogonal Diagonalizer before firing it at the monkey-like kaiju once he was within range. However, the attempt failed when the kaiju parted the Red Dust around him in order to avoid the previous outcomes, before killing Tilda as he attacked at the exterior of the facility. Eventually, after prying open the blast doors, Salunga slid down the cables until he reached the Super Dimensional Calculator and proceeded to tear into it. Mei, BB, and Lina as Pelops II tried to finish the task Ashihara had began decades prior to stop the Catastrophe, which seemed to fail as Salunga nearly completed his attempt to reach the Singular Point. However, Pelops II found the code to make Jet Jaguar invincible, which was the code for the Orthogonal Diagonalizer.

After Jet Jaguar defeated Godzilla in Tokyo and stopped the Catastrophe, the archetype had converted the Red Dust into blue crystals across the world, some of which formed in the SHIVA facility and skewered a motionless Salunga for a final time.


Godzilla: The Half-Century War

In 1987, Godzilla attacked Mumbai, India, while Ota Murakami and Kentaro Yoshihara were tracking him. As they watched the attack, two military transports of the Anti Megalosaurus Force (A.M.F) deployed Mechagodzilla from a giant metal box into the city to battle Godzilla. Amid the battle between Godzilla and his mechanical counterpart, Ota located and followed Dr. Deverich to a warehouse, where Deverich discussed a deal with two suited men, presumably buyers for his Psionic Transmitter. When they left, Ota tackled Deverich to the ground before noticing that the "perfected" Psionic Transmitter Deverich was selling was already active. Kentaro and A.M.F. soldiers arrived on the scene, but quickly found the transmitter had already successfully summed another monster from space before they could shut it down - the malicious SpaceGodzilla. Godzilla and Mechagodzilla battled SpaceGodzilla, but the space monster defeated Mechagodzilla and ruthlessly attacked Godzilla. Meanwhile, Kentaro and Ota journeyed to the fallen Mechagodzilla, rescued the pilot, and reactivated the mech's weapons to fire upon the giant crystal structure SpaceGodzilla had arrived in. This severely weakened SpaceGodzilla and caused him to fall to the ground, leaving him prone to an atomic breath attack from Godzilla that killed the invader once and for all.

Godzilla x Kong: The Hunted

Scylla attacked the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant after being lured there by a decoy meltdown set off by Raymond Martin. The Indian Navy sent fighter jets to fight her off, but she made short work of them. With her opposition removed, she tore into the nuclear facility, and used her Energy Absorption Technique, releasing a fog to absorb the radiation from the power plant and consume it. Having fed on the reactor, Scylla returned to sea, going on a feeding frenzy across the globe with Godzilla in pursuit of her.


GODZILLA: Monster Apocalypse

Following Godzilla's escape in the aftermath of "Operation: Great Wall" one year prior, he engaged the Indian defense line and caused 200 million casualties. Later, he would take to the Bay of Bengal and disappear.

GODZILLA: Project Mechagodzilla

Godzilla's escape from "G-Crater" and attack on the Indian defense line and disappearance was recounted once again.

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