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Manazuru (真鶴町 (まなづるまち),   Manazurumachi) is a town located in Kanagawa, Japan. It is featured in the Godzilla films Terror of Mechagodzilla and Godzilla Final Wars.


Showa era

Terror of Mechagodzilla

After being fired from a prestigious oceanographic institute in 1960 over his claims to have discovered a gigantic dinosaur called Titanosaurus that he would mentally control, brilliant marine biologist Shinzo Mafune retreated to his home in Manazuru with his young daughter Katsura, where they continued his experiments in secrecy in a laboratory in the house's basement. At one point, Katsura was injured in a laboratory accident, but a strange group of men appeared in the lab and performed surgery to save her life. These men then offered to financially back Mafune's experiments, which he gratefully accepted. By 1975, Mafune had completed the device which granted him complete mental control over Titanosaurus, and sent it to destroy the INTERPOL submarine Akatsuki as it searched for the wreckage of Mechagodzilla off the coast of Okinawa. INTERPOL agent Jiro Murakoshi and marine biologist Akira Ichinose sought out Mafune at his home in Manazuru, which had fallen into disrepair. While the house initially appeared vacant, Katsura answered the door and informed the two men that her father had passed away five years ago and that he had requested she burn all of his research. Both men were suspicious, but left. Katsura informed her father about the men's visit while he was toasting to the completion of his control device with one of his backers, Tsuda. Tsuda brought Mafune and Katsura to Mount Amagi, where he revealed that he was a representative of the Black Hole Planet 3 Aliens and requested Mafune's help in completing the rebuilt Mechagodzilla 2 in exchange for revenge on the society that shunned him and a place for himself and his daughter in their new utopian world order. Mafune accepted and began working with the aliens. Katsura and Tsuda returned to the house in Manazuru, from where they commanded Titanosaurus to attack the rebuilt Akatsuki II. However, they were shocked when the submarine's sonar interfered with Titanosaurus' control device and caused him to writhe in pain.

Following a battle between Godzilla and Titanosaurus in Tokyo, and with INTERPOL closing in on their location and Mechagodzilla 2 nearing completion, the alien leader Mugal informed Mafune that their base would be moved to Manazuru, as the control apparatus for Mechagodzilla was now installed within Katsura, who the aliens had surgically converted into a cyborg when saving her life years before. From the basement of Mafune's home, the aliens unleashed Mechagodzilla from underneath Mt. Amagi, after which the base there was self-destructed. Mechagodzilla and Titanosaurus stormed into Tokyo, obliterating the city until Godzilla arrived to confront them. Ichinose was captured by the aliens and brought to Mafune's lab. He tried to plead with Mafune and Katsura to stop helping the aliens, but both refused. While Godzilla was outmatched at first, INTERPOL used a sonic wave oscillator to take Titanosaurus out of the fight. As the aliens struggled to regain control over the dinosaur, Ichinose used the opportunity to strangle Tsuda to death with his own binds. Murakoshi attacked the lab, wounding Katsura and fatally shooting Mafune when Mugal attempted to use him as a shield. Katsura regained her free will after being shot, but told Ichinose to destroy her in order to render Mechagodzilla inoperable. Ichinose refused, so Katsura turned a blaster on herself and took her own life, causing Mechagodzilla to shut down and allowing Godzilla to destroy his mechanical double once and for all.

Millennium era

Godzilla Final Wars

After Godzilla defeated Kumonga in New Guinea, he swam to Manazuru, where the Controller of Planet X deployed Kamacuras to fight against him. However, Godzilla threw Kamacuras into a transmission tower, impaling him.

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