Battle Baseball

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Battle Baseball
Japanese Battle Baseball box art
Developer Vic Tokai
Publisher Banpresto
Platforms Famicom
Languages Japanese
Genre Sports
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Battle Baseball (バトルベースボール,   Batoru Bēsubōru) is a Japan-only baseball video game developed by Vic Tokai and published by Banpresto for the Famicom on February 19, 1993. Part of the collaborative "Compati Sports Series" (コンパチスポーツシリーズ,   Konpachi Supōtsu Shirīzu) in the Compati Hero series, it crosses over characters from several popular Japanese franchises including Godzilla, Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Gundam.


The game has three main game modes, league (playing a season of games), open (playing a single game), and all star (which allows you to build teams). A round starts with a load screen that allows the player to change the stadium, amount of innings, time of day and which of the eight teams will play against each other, as well as choosing which teams will be controlled by AI and which will be controlled by players (which can also be done mid-game). Each team features protagonists and antagonists from the aforementioned series. When playing, the screen mainly shows a view of the player or opposing team batting, and when they hit the view changes to the overall field to show if the ball is caught or if it goes out of the park. Sometimes a ball will hit an outfielder on the head and leave him reeling for a few seconds.


Ultra Starlights (ウルトラスターライツ,   Urutora Sutāraitsu) (US)
Ninja Invaders (ニンジャインベーダーズ,   Ninja Inbēdāzu) (NI)
  • Alien Baltan A
  • Alien Baltan B
  • Alien Baltan C
  • Alien Mefilas
  • Alien Baltan D
  • Alien Baltan E
  • Alien Baltan F
  • Alien Baltan G
  • Alien Baltan H
  • Alien Baltan I
  • Alien Baltan J
  • Alien Baltan K
  • Zetton
  • Alien Baltan L
  • Alien Baltan M
  • Alien Baltan N
Formular Newtypes (フォーミュラーニュータイプス,   Fōmyurā Nyūtaipusu) (FN)
  • RX-78
  • Sazabi
  • Guncannon
  • F-91
  • GP-03S
  • Double Zeta
  • Hyaku Shiki Kai
  • Quin Mantha
  • Z'Gok
  • The-O
  • Mk-II
  • Zeong
  • v Gundam
  • Z Gundam
  • Alex
  • Vigna Ghina
Zion Tomahawks (ジオントマホークス,   Jion Tomahōkusu) (ZT)
  • Zaku A
  • Zaku B
  • Red Zaku A
  • Kämpfer
  • Zaku C
  • Zaku D
  • Zaku E
  • Zaku F
  • Zaku G
  • Zaku H
  • Zaku I
  • Zaku J
  • Qubeley
  • Red Zaku B
  • Zaku K
  • Zaku L
Godzilla Megapowers (ゴジラメガパワーズ,   Gojira Megapawāzu) (GM)
Earth Defense Force Guns (地球防衛ガンズ,   Chikyū Bōei Ganzu) (CG)
  • Defense Troop A
  • Defense Troop B
  • Defense Troop C
  • Jet Jaguar
  • Defense Troop D
  • Defense Troop E
  • Defense Troop F
  • Defense Troop G
  • Defense Troop H
  • Defense Troop I
  • Defense Troop J
  • Defense Troop K
  • Doctor
  • Defense Troop L
  • Defense Troop M
  • Defense Troop N
  • Kilaak (cheerleader)
Typhoon Riders (タイフーンライダース,   Taifūn Raidāzu) (TR)
Shocker Eagles (ショッカーイーグルス,   Shokkā Īguruzu) (SE)
  • Combatman A
  • Combatman B
  • Combatman Leader A
  • One-Eyed Titan
  • Combatman C
  • Combatman D
  • Combatman E
  • Combatman F
  • Combatman G
  • Combatman H
  • Combatman I
  • Combatman J
  • Ambassador Hell
  • Combatman Leader B
  • Combatman K
  • Combatman L


  • WB. Stadium (WB.スタジアム,   Howaito Bēsu Sutajiamu)
  • Cyclone Dome (サイクロンドーム,   Saikuron Dōmu)
  • Ultra Dome (ウルトラドーム,   Urutora Dōmu)
  • Monster Island (モンスターアイランド,   Monsutā Airando)



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