Skull Island: The Birth of Kong #3

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Skull Island: The Birth of Kong
Issue #2
Issue #3
Issue #4
"Valley of the Fallen Gods"
Issue #3 cover
Written by Arvid Nelson
Art by Zid
Colors by Zid
Letters by John Roshell, Sarah Jacobs
Edits by Robert Napton
Legendary Comics
Skull Island: The Birth of Kong

"Valley of the Fallen Gods" is the third issue of Skull Island: The Birth of Kong. It was released on September 27, 2017.


As the ultimate monster icon returns to the big screen in the highly anticipated film Kong: Skull Island, Legendary Comics expands the story of King Kong with an exciting new comic series.

Fighting to survive against never-before-seen creatures, the Monarch team moves deeper into the uncharted mysteries of Skull Island as more of the secret of Kong’s past are revealed.


In the aftermath of Kong's battle with the Sirenjaw, Aaron Brooks and the others come upon the Sirenjaw's carcass but fail to catch a glimpse of Kong himself. Ato tells Brooks that they must return to the wall, as it isn't safe because the rest of the creatures on the island will descend to feed on the corpse. At that moment several Psychovultures and Death Jackals arrive to feed, prompting Brooks and the others to run away. As they run, they reach a swamp and are ambushed by a Swamp Locust. Evelyn opens fire on the creature, but only enrages it further and causes it to pursue them. They are able to lose the Swamp Locust in the interior of the island, and rest underneath a rocky outcropping. Ato tells Brooks that it is too dangerous to return to the village until the feeding has stopped, which could take a week or more. Just then, Brooks' communicator receives a transmission from Cejudo. He says that he was able to land the Osprey without dying or completely destroying it, and should be able to get it airborne again. Brooks tells him that Medov is hurt and Karsten didn't make it, which briefly gives Cejudo pause. Cejudo then says he can pick them up so they can leave the island. Ato says that the nearest safe place for the Osprey to land is on the other side of the boneyard, the domain of the Skullcrawlers. Aaron tells Cejudo of the plan and officially calls off the expedition. Riccio is angered by this, saying that they are too close to finally meeting a god face to face. Brooks tells Riccio he is welcome to stay behind so he can have a religious experience with a giant ape, but that the rest of them are leaving. Eventually they reach the boneyard, which contains two skeletons of Kong's species laying next to each other. Ato says that his people call this place the Valley of the Fallen Gods, and that it was to be the next stop on their pilgrimage. As they cross the boneyard, they see a juvenile Skullcrawler move past and try to hide from it. Brooks says that his father's notes claimed that Kong killed the last of the Skullcrawlers in 1973, but Ato says many more still live underground. Everyone climbs into a cave to get away from the Skullcrawler. Riccio claims that this is no mere cave, but the "womb" of Kong. Riccio screams and experiences another vision, but Ato tells him to be quiet because the Skullcrawlers are near. Evelyn tries to calm Riccio down, but he insist he can see the birth of Kong.

In his vision, Riccio sees the last two members of Kong's species fighting several large Skullcrawlers in the boneyard. He says that this place was once their home, the last place on the island to fall to the Skullcrawlers. The female is pregnant and begins to go into labor, but is beset by Skullcrawlers. The male continues to battle the monsters as his mate gives birth to Kong on the battlefield. As Kong's mother cradles her newborn child, his father is overwhelmed by the Skullcrawlers and hopelessly outmatched. With the situation hopeless, Kong's mother carries her son to the cave opening and seals him inside before she and Kong's father are brutally slaughtered by the Skullcrawlers. Kong watches from inside the cave as his parents are killed. After the battle, he emerges from the cave and approaches his fallen parents. Kong kneels between their corpses, laying side-by-side, and weeps. As Riccio finishes recounting his vision, Brooks understands that Kong is not simply a giant brute, but an orphan who fights to avenge his parents. Evelyn reports that the Skullcrawlers are gone, and they all begin exiting the cave. Riccio yells to Brooks that they must commune with Kong, but Brooks tells him goodbye and hopes that he is at the pick-up. Brooks and the others reach the top of a hill and light a flare to get the attention of Cejudo. Cejudo sees them and prepares to land, but the Osprey is hit by a missile and crashes to the ground and explodes. Brooks and the others turn to see Riccio holding a rocket launcher. Evelyn fires her shotgun at him, but Riccio dives out of the way and shoots Evelyn in the chest with a pistol. As Brooks holds Evelyn's body in his arms, Riccio holds them all at gunpoint, claiming he will show them "the true face of the Mountain-Who-Thunders-Death."


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