Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!

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Zone Fighter Episodes
Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!
Attack! Destro-King
Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!
Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile!
Series Zone Fighter
Episode # 1
Directed by Jun Fukuda
Written by Jun Fukuda
Air date 7:00pm (JST) April 2, 1973

Destroy the Terror-Beast Missile! (恐獣ミサイル爆破せよ!,   Kyōjū Misairu Bakuhase-yo!) is the first episode of Zone Fighter.


Hikaru Sakimori, an alien living in secret on Earth, watches as a strange red capsule falls from the sky. Three Garogas emerge from the wreckage of the capsule, with the gold alien reiterating orders from their leader to destroy the Zone Family. At home, Zone Great explains to Hikaru and his siblings, Hotaru and Akira, that the capsule belonged to the Garoga bent on conquering inhabited planets. The Zone Family's home planet, Peaceland, was their first target, with its destruction forcing them to flee to Earth.

The next day, Hotaru spots a security guard with webbed fingers at an amusement park, a telltale sign of a disguised Garoga. Meanwhile, Hikaru travels to the crash site and is knocked unconscious by another Garoga. As he is removed from the trunk of the car, he activates his transmitter, which flies off to the Zone Family once he is led into the Garogas' hideout. The third infiltrator, a taxi driver, abducts Hotaru, Akira, and his friend Junichi. The security guard Garoga convinces their parents that they suffered a traffic accident, using this pretense to take them hostage as well.

From his space station orbiting the Earth, the Baron Garoga is pleased at his underlings' success. As a precaution, he dispatches a Terror-Beast Missile containing the robot Jikiro to aid them in eliminating the Zone Family.

They certainly need the help: before they can be executed, Hikaru, Hotaru, and Akira transform into Zone Fighter, Zone Angel, and Zone Junior. In their armored forms, they are easily able to repel the aliens' machine guns and defeat them in hand-to-hand combat as everyone else escapes. As a last resort, the Garogas merge into the massive Red Spark. Zone Fighter responds by assuming his giant form. Red Spark throws the hero around for a time, but is blown to pieces by his Meteor Missile Might attack.

Jikiro arrives immediately thereafter. The fight against Red Spark has left Zone Fighter weakened, and he is quickly overwhelmed. Still, as the machine uses its magnetic ability to pull an airliner towards the ground, he regains his footing just in time to save it. His family comes to his aid, with Zone Angel and Zone Junior summoning their hidden aircraft Smokey and Zone Great calling down Bolt Thunder to blast off one Jikiro's arms. Smokey then recharges Zone Fighter's energy, allowing him to launch a furious assault against Jikiro and destroy it with the Meteor Missile Might.


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