Strike! Garoga's Underground Base

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Zone Fighter Episodes
Attack! Destro-King
Strike! Garoga's Underground Base
Invasion! Garoga's Grand Army: Godzilla Appears
"Strike! Garoga's Underground Base"
Strike! Garoga's Underground Base
Series Zone Fighter
Episode # 3
Directed by Ishiro Honda
Written by Masaru Takesue
Air date April 16, 1973

"Strike! Garoga Underground Base" (たたけ!ガロガの () (てい) () (),   Tatake! Garoga no Chitei Kichi) is the third episode of Zone Fighter.


When they discover that he is missing the Japanese detective immediately head back to the Sakimori's home and informed the family. Yelling “Zone Power!” the young man transformed into Zone Fighter and took the Mighty Liner vehicle into the alternate dimension from which his family and friends had disappeared to.

They had endangered the plans and had to be punished. Grunting in satisfaction the gargoyle creature moved on to tape record information that he was going to pry out of the human engineer. Immediately the youthful warrior complied and converted to Zone Junior. Using the technological spaceship, the child flew into the alternate dimension in hopes of finding his sister in time. Jo led the little boy and father up to the surface, as the newly transformed Zone Angel battled with the red eyed Gold Garoga. Unable to cope with both of the elderZone warriors the aurous skinned Garoga grabbed a nearby microphone and pleaded with his commander to send the genetically engineered plant monster Dorola. Growling with dissatisfaction the Baron complied and sent the Monster Capsule to Earth.

After vanquishing the beast, Zone Fighter turned his attention against the Garoga's underground base, turning the once technological base into flaming wreckage. When all was said and done, the Zone family returned the man and boy to his grieving wife and mother.


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