King Ghidorah's Counterattack!

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Zone Fighter Episodes
Attack King Ghidorah!
King Ghidorah's Counterattack!
Zone Family's Critical Moment!
King Ghidorah's Counterattack!
King Ghidorah's Counterattack!
Series Zone Fighter
Episode # 6
Directed by Jun Fukuda

Written by Shimamoto Juro,
Ishikari Akira
Air Date 7:00pm (JST) May 7, 1973

King Ghidorah's Counterattack! (キングギドラの逆襲!,   Kingu Gidora no Gyakushū!) is the sixth episode of Zone Fighter, and the second of a pair of episodes revolving around Zone Fighter's battle with King Ghidorah.





Weapons, Vehicles, and Races


  • "King Ghidorah's Counterattack" is also a translation of the Japanese title of the unmade 1992 film The Return of King Ghidorah, the only difference being the lack of an exclamation point.

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